WashCo Dems Call to Action: Enforce Mask Mandate Order in Beaverton

introducing the call to action


Reach out to your Beaverton representatives to ask them to keep us safe by enforcing the mask mandate.

More information:

Beaverton Police are refusing to enforce the Mask Mandate when a resident complains about an unsafe environment in their apartment building. I live with people who can’t get vaccinated and are immunocompromised. They should be safe in the place where they live, but they are not because property management and police refuse to enforce the Governor’s order.

THPRD Parks and Recreation patrols are also refusing to ask people to wear masks in the public parks.

The current “mandate” is to wear masks inside and outside, vaccinated or not. A mandate is not a mandate if it’s not even enforced by asking people to follow it.

We are currently experiencing worse numbers of covid cases per day than we were in December, and kids and immunocompromised people are not safe.

Take action!



  • Please ask the Beaverton Police to start responding to calls regarding public safety for unmasked people in public spaces including apartment buildings.

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