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Patrick Maguire


Washington County Democratic Party Create Committee to Help Washington County get Vaccinated

Press Release: May 27, 2021

Washington County, Oregon — At the Central Committee meeting Wednesday night, Washington County Democrats passed a motion to promote vaccination in the county. The committee will work to inform and motivate people in the county to get vaccinated and find vaccination locations, especially recognizing the need to increase participation among the BIPOC and other marginalized communities.

Zelos Marchandt, the Chair of the Black American Caucus says, “We go where our people go and are treated well. I would like the WashCo Dems to be an organization that will one day be a hub for our people, especially in situations like a pandemic.”

Lisa Stiller, one of the people appointed to head the ad hoc committee, says, “We feel it is imperative to support (and exceed) the goals of President Biden and Governor Brown to get 70% of people vaccinated. We believe it is essential to support the vaccination effort to save lives and health, to keep people and communities safe and healthy, and to get our state and country back to normal.”

The motion reads:

The Washington County Democratic Central Committee creates an open membership special committee to create and coordinate a “Get Vaccinated” campaign, co-chaired by Lisa Stiller and Nancy Lewis, and is empowered to coordinate with all relevant standing committees. This committee will report back in our July CC meeting with the progress of the campaign.

Exact information about what might be included in the plan is forthcoming, and will be determined by the committee. People interested in joining the committee should contact training_chair@washcodems.org. Actions of the committee will probably include buttons, bumper stickers, community outreach, and an online campaign. An example of the messaging follows in a separate email.

For further comment or information, please contact Patrick Maguire – 971-205-2464 / chair@washcodems.org.


About Washington County Democrats (“WashCo Dems”)

WashCo Dems is the local chapter of the Democratic Party in Washington County. We believe that it’s not enough just to be against the Republican Party. If real progress is going to be made in our lifetime, we need to support constructive and progressive ideas that can solve problems and bring America closer together as a nation. We are committed to creating a society with opportunities for all. By advancing sound, progressive ideas, we are working to create a more equal and sustainable society now and for generations to come.

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