WashCo Dems Call to Action: Support President Biden’s Vaccination Campaign (7/4)

introducing the call to action


Until we have most of our people vaccinated we will not be able to feel comfortable or move forward. When we are vaccinated we will not have to wear a mask everywhere. We can gather with friends and family and give our loved ones a hug. We can feel safe in that we won’t end up in the hospital or the morgue. Reach out to your community, encourage vaccination.

More information:

There is a great deal of information available online at the Oregon Health Authority, and through the national campaign.

Take action!


  • Talk with your neighbors, on the phone or through text and email, ask what they think of the covid vaccine
    • If they are comfortable with it then ask if they have had their shot and if yes, ask if they know someone who has gotten a shot. Encourage them to talk to that person to get a shot.
    • If they are unsure of the vaccine then respond with empathy, recognize their fears and ask questions to draw that out. Then move to tell a story of a time when you were unsure about something and how you dealt with facing it and the positive result you got. Get them to agree with the story and relate an experience of their own. Then move them to information on where to get shot.
    • If they are hard set against the vaccine then thank them for talking to you and and move on.


  • Take action by July 4, 2021

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