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Washington County Democrats Announce Feb CC 2021 Endorsements


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Washington County Democratic Party Announces First Endorsements for May 2021 Election

Press Release: March 1, 2021

Online Zoom Meeting, Beaverton, OR: On February, 24th, Washington County Democrats met in their monthly Central Committee (“CC”) meeting and are proud to endorse the following candidates for office:

Beaverton City Council

Ashley Hartmeier-Prigg – Beaverton City Council, Position 1

Beaverton School Board

Karen Pérez-Da Silva – Beaverton School Board, Zone 2

Hillsboro School Board

Jaci Spross – Hillsboro School Board, Position 6
Nancy Thomas – Hillsboro School Board, Position 3
Mark Watson – Hillsboro School Board, Position 2
Erika Lopez – Hillsboro School Board, Position 1

Tualatin Hills Parks and Recreation District (THPRD)

Felicita Monteblanco – Tualatin Hills Parks and Recreation District (THPRD), Position 1
Alfredo Moreno – Tualatin Hills Parks and Recreation District (THPRD), Position 2
Barbie Minor – Tualatin Hills Parks and Recreation District (THPRD), Position 3

Tigard-Tualatin School District

Marvin Lynn – Tigard-Tualatin School District, Position 5

Portland Community College

Reiko Mia Williams – Portland Community College, Position 7


More endorsements to follow at the March Central Committee meeting.

In the 2020 general election the Washington County Democrats Endorsed 16 candidates, 15 of which won their election.
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About Washington County Democrats (“WashCo Dems”)

WashCo Dems is the local chapter of the Democratic Party in Washington County. We believe that it’s not enough just to be against the Republican Party. If real progress is going to be made in our lifetime, we need to support constructive and progressive ideas that can solve problems and bring America closer together as a nation. We are committed to creating a society with opportunities for all. By advancing sound, progressive ideas, we are working to create a more equal and sustainable society now and for generations to come.

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