What Are Water Districts and Why are they Important?waves in water

By Nathan Sosa, WCD Comms Team Volunteer

Water districts are responsible for providing clean water to residents of a geographic area. There are five water districts within Washington County. Each district is overseen by a Board of Directors. These directors are volunteers who are elected to four-year terms. They typically meet once a month to fulfill a variety of tasks.

The Board’s responsibilities include the following:

  • Hire and/or evaluate the water district’s manager;
  • Oversee the district’s budget;
  • Maintain water supply infrastructure;
  • Conduct strategic planning to ensure future supplies of water;
  • Set water rates for customers; and
  • Maintain communication between the public, community stakeholders, and district employees.

Water District Board decisions are critical to ensuring a reliable supply of clean drinking water to everyone in Washington County

The challenges of climate change, population growth, and aging infrastructure highlight the need for effective water districts.

The Washington County Water Districts can be found here.