First Congressional District Reorganization Meeting

February 13, 2021


First Congressional District Reorganization – February 13, 2021 at 1pm Online

During the first quarter of odd numbered years, each of the five Oregon Congressional District Committees elects their officers and delegates to the Oregon State Central Committee Standing Committees.
Members of each congressional district committee vote for the officers.
Both congressional district delegates and SCC delegates residing in the respective congressional districts vote for the Standing Committee delegates.

The officers are Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer.

The Standing Committee Delegates to be elected are:

●  Budget Committee: Two delegates, one alternate

●  Credentials Committee: Two delegates, one alternate

●  Platform and Resolutions Committee: Five delegates, two alternates

●  Rules Committee: Three delegates, two alternates

●  Local Events and State Fair Committee: Five delegates, two alternates

The following excerpt from the bylaws of the Democratic Party of Oregon describes the duties of each of the committees:

Section 5 – Duties of Standing Committees

A.  The Budget Committee:

1. Prepares a two-year budget for the Democratic Party of Oregon for
submission to the Executive Committee by the end of November of each
odd-numbered year, and for the subsequent submission to the State Central
Committee at its 4th quarter meeting;

2. Makes all necessary reports to the State Central Committee.

B. The Credentials Committee:

1. Signs up members of the SCC and Executive Committee, designating
delegates and alternates.

2. Conducts elections for party officers with the assistance of DPO staff;

3. Assists with members’ registration for special events, and other duties as

C. The Platform and Resolutions Committee:

1. Recommends resolutions to the SCC;

2. Submits a draft platform to the DPO’s platform convention;

3. Assures that proposed resolutions and platforms are submitted in
accordance with the Bylaws and rules of the DPO.

4. Recommends ballot measures to the SCC.

D. The Rules Committee:

1. Reviews the Bylaws regularly and recommends amendments;

2. Proposes the rules and procedures for state conventions. Those rules and
procedures are to be approved by the delegates of those conventions.

3. Reviews the bylaws of prospective special group caucuses to ensure those
bylaws meet the goals and Bylaws of the DPO. The committee may
recommend approval of the caucus to the SCC.

E. The Local Events and State Fair Committee:

1. With the assistance of staff, operates the State Fair booth, and assists county
central committees with operating booths at their county fairs;

2. Assists county parties, congressional district parties, and caucuses at local
events when asked.

3. Performs the other functions that may be assigned by the SCC.


Members of the First Congressional District Nominating Committee are Lisa Stiller (Chair), Bill Gallup, Andrew Stiffler, Cindy Smith, and Sue Delventhal.

All registered Democrats are eligible to run for the positions in their respective congressional district. Anyone wishing to nominate themselves for any of the positions may do so by contacting any member of the nominating committee, or emailing the committee chair at:

Nominations may also be made from the floor at the meeting on February 13, 2021.

During the reorganization meeting, each officer candidate will have 2 minutes to speak to their candidacy, and committee delegate candidates will have one minute to speak. Ranked choice voting will be used for the elections, using one ballot. Candidates may run for multiple officer positions or multiple delegate positions, but anyone who wins more than one officer or delegate position will need to choose which position they want to occupy. The unfilled position will be awarded to the candidate who received the next greatest number of votes.

Due to the quarantine, the reorganization meeting will be conducted using the Zoom meeting platform.

To register in advance for the meeting, go HERE.

Before the reorganization meeting, there will be a training on January 30, 2021 at 1 pm where meeting participants can learn about their rights in democratic organizations.  The class will be taught by Lawrence Taylor, a Professional Registered Parliamentarian with the National Association of Parliamentarians, and vice-president of the Oregon Association of Parliamentarians.

You can register for the class HERE.

The nominating committee will be assembling a Voter’s Pamphlet which will be published prior to February 13, 2021.

Any questions regarding the reorganization of the First Congressional District may be directed to the Chair of the committee, Lawrence Taylor, at