oregon countyside by the train tracks with reorg info and washco dem logo overlayAttend the 2020 Organizational Meeting of the Washington County Democrats

Every two years the county party reorganizes around newly elected leadership. Elected PCP’s vote on who will serve them in the roles of Chair, First Vice-Chair, Second Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, State Central Committee (SCC) Delegates; First Congressional District (CD1) Delegates.

November 21st, on Zoom

Credentialing begins at 10am, and gavel will drop to begin proceedings at 11am.

Our leadership represents us in various capacities around the county and at the state level.  Chairs of our committees are appointed by the officers of the party.

As an elected PCP, this is your opportunity to help shape the direction of your party.

All are welcome to witness proceedings, and we encourage all to attend.

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Meeting ID: 938 0209 3519

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+1 669 900 9128 US (San Jose)

Running for Party Office and Delegate Positions

From the Nominating Committee:

To help this process, our bylaws establish a Nominating Committee to help facilitate the nomination of Officer candidates and to make sure we have a slate of high-quality candidates for every position. While candidates may nominate from the floor of the Organization Meeting, the Nominating Committee will be taking nominations starting now in order to do our work interviewing these candidates, building a slate card for your voting information, and to ensure that we have candidates for every position.

If you are interested in running for an Officer Position, such as Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer, or Secretary, please fill out this form.

If you are interested in running for a Delegate Position, such as a delegate for the SCC or CD1, please fill out this form.

Note, both forms allow you to nominate for multiple positions. Please fill each form out only once. Also, if you wish to run for both a delegate position and an officer position, please fill out both forms. The last day to submit to the nominating process is Monday the 9th, however, anyone can self nominate from the floor and run the day of the Reorg meeting.

Once you fill out the form, the nominating committee will reach out to you. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask the nominating committee at nominations@washcodems.org.

Finally, if you are running for a position, you may request an email list of all PCPs by reaching out to the secretary at secretary@washcodems.org. You will need to fill out the PCP list request form that is posted here. Please note, only candidates who are running for an officer or delegate position within the Democratic Party of Washington County, candidates who are a non-partisan candidate in a local election, or candidates who are endorsed by the Washington County Democrats may request the PCP list.

The Nominating Committee

Nomination List

Patrick MaguireChair
Martita MeierVice Chair 1
Amelia ManloveVice Chair 2
Keith Haxton Secretary
Bridget BrooksSecretary
Veronica WilliamsTreasurer
Andrew StifflerMale1st Congressional District (CD1), State Central Committee (SCC)
Bill GallupMale1st Congressional District (CD1), State Central Committee (SCC)
Daniel C RikerMale1st Congressional District (CD1), State Central Committee (SCC)
Farrah ChaichiFemale1st Congressional District (CD1), State Central Committee (SCC)
Gene BrownMale1st Congressional District (CD1), State Central Committee (SCC)
Janice KarpenickFemale1st Congressional District (CD1), State Central Committee (SCC)
John HarriganMale1st Congressional District (CD1), State Central Committee (SCC)
Keith HaxtonNon-Binary1st Congressional District (CD1), State Central Committee (SCC)
Lars LudekingMale1st Congressional District (CD1), State Central Committee (SCC)
Laura WadlinFemale1st Congressional District (CD1), State Central Committee (SCC)
Lisa StillerFemale1st Congressional District (CD1), State Central Committee (SCC)
Merridy McDanielFemale1st Congressional District (CD1), State Central Committee (SCC)
Sushmita PoddarFemale1st Congressional District (CD1), State Central Committee (SCC)
Connie ChenFemale1st Congressional District (CD1)
Joe WhittingtonMale1st Congressional District (CD1)
Amelia ManloveFemaleState Central Committee (SCC)
Bridget BrooksFemaleState Central Committee (SCC)
Carl FisherMaleState Central Committee (SCC)
Garrett FleenorMaleState Central Committee (SCC)
Gulzar AhmedMaleState Central Committee (SCC)
John R. MacDonaldMaleState Central Committee (SCC)
Nancy Jo LewisFemaleState Central Committee (SCC)
Sushruta N ChandramouliMaleState Central Committee (SCC)
Veronica WilliamsFemaleState Central Committee (SCC)
Victoria LongFemaleState Central Committee (SCC)
Will HobbsMaleState Central Committee (SCC)

The Roles of the Officers

If you are considering throwing your hat in the ring to be our next chair, vice-chairs, secretary, or treasurer; or simply want to be more informed when you vote, here are the descriptions for each position:

The Chair has overall responsibility for the day-to-day operation of the Central Committee and for leading the Executive Board. The Chair supervises paid staff; appoints a Parliamentarian and all Committee Chairs except the Budget and Credentials Committee Chairs. All appointments are finalized with the approval of a majority of the elected officers.  The Chair also serves as an ex-officio member of all standing committees, except the Nominating Committee. The Chair executes, with the Secretary, all contracts on behalf of the Central Committee and is an alternate signer of checks with the Treasurer. The Chair ensures that notices of all regular and special meetings are sent to all members of the Central Committee not later than the sixth day before each meeting. It is customary for the Chair to preside over and lead all Central Committee and Executive Board Meetings.

The First Vice Chair shall perform all of the duties of the Chair in the absence or disability of the Chair; may coordinate the work of standing committees, as assigned by the Chair; and be an alternate signer of checks with the Treasurer. The First Vice Chair shall be a different gender than the Chair. If the office of Chair should become vacant, the First Vice Chair shall become Chair for the unexpired portion of the term.

The Second Vice Chair shall perform all the duties of the Chair in the absence or disability of the Chair and First Vice Chair. The Second Vice Chair is the Chair of the Credentials Committee; and may coordinate the work of standing committees, as assigned by the Chair.

The Secretary shall keep a book of minutes of all meetings of the Central Committee and Executive Board, showing the time and place of the meeting, the names of those present, and the proceeding and actions taken.

The Secretary shall, in cooperation with the Credentials Committee, maintain accurate and up-to-date membership records of all PCPs including phone numbers and email addresses, and carry out Central Committee correspondence and all legal notifications at the request of the Chair. The Secretary is an ex officio member of the Credentials Committee and will have the same Voter File Access as the Credentials Chair.

The Treasurer shall prepare adequate records and reports on all Central Committee operational and fundraising financial transactions; meet all campaign finance reporting requirements; provide for the custody and safekeeping of all Central Committee funds; maintain open financial books ready for inspection and review at all times; issue checks in accordance with the Central Committee-approved budget, with the Chair or First Vice Chair as alternate signer; and serve as a non-voting member of the Contributions Recommendation Ad-hoc Committee.

2020 Organizational Meeting: PROPOSED RULES

1. Pursuant to ORS 248.035 Transfer of Property, prior to the commencement of elections, the retiring Central Committee Chair shall give the Rules Chair the key to the office which contains the property of the Washington County Democratic Central Committee. At the adjournment of the Organizational Meeting, the Rules Chair shall give the key to the newly elected Central Committee Chair.

2. All candidates for officer positions may speak for 2 minutes about their qualifications for office and answer questions for 3 minutes. Candidates will be given signals at 30 seconds and when time is up. If candidates are not able to attend, they may have someone speak for them for a maximum of 2 minutes.

3. Candidates will be ordered on their respective ballots in alphabetical order by last name, using the Oregon Secretary of State’s General Election randomized alphabet. They will speak in the order they appear on the ballot.
● The randomized alphabet is P, M, W, T, F, Z, A, B, I, R, J, H, U, Q, C, G, N, K, L, X, V, Y, D, E, O, S

4. All candidates for State Central Committee Delegate and First Congressional District Committee Delegate may speak for 1 minute about their qualifications to serve. Candidates will be given a signal at 30 seconds and when time is up.

5. If candidates speak for more than 10 seconds over their allotted time, they will be muted by the timekeeper.

6. Speeches regarding other issues will be limited to 2 minutes per person. Each motion will be allowed a maximum of 10 minutes for debate.

7. Only PCP’s may speak, unless the person wanting to speak is granted permission by a majority vote of the assembly.

8. Participants will be identified as elected PCP, appointed PCP, or guest. (ORS 248.035(3)) Only elected PCP’s may vote in Officer Elections.

9. Officers will be elected by Special Rule of Order #7


Adopted July 25, 2018

During single seat elections for which more than two candidates have been nominated, wherein voting by ballot is the method chosen by the Central Committee, ballots will be created and distributed in the following manner:

    1. If ballots contain the names of all nominated candidates, the ballot shall include space for candidates’ names who have not been nominated in advance; 
    2. Ballots will contain a space wherein members may indicate their voting preferences numerically;
    3. Ballots will be given to all credentialed PCPs; a PCP is allowed to refuse their ballot if they so choose.
    4. A member may indicate more than one preference for the office on their ballot in ranked order;
    5. After all ballots have been counted if no candidate has a majority of members’ first-choice votes the process of determining a winner via simulated instant runoff elections will take place as follows;
    1. a. The candidate with the least first-choice votes indicated on members’ ballots will be removed from consideration and members’ votes previously assigned to that candidate will be assigned to the second or next highest choice indicated on their ballots should one exist, and if there are no other choices indicated on the ballot those votes will be eliminated;
    1. b. of eliminating the candidate with the least votes from consideration and re-assigning those members’ votes to their next choice or removing them when no other choice is given will continue until a candidate has a majority of votes.

10. Delegates will be elected by Special Rule of Order #4.


Adopted 9/6/2020

Section 1 – Eligibility 

A Candidate is eligible to be a delegate if they are eligible to be a Democratic PCP in Washington County.

Section 2 – Gender Balance 

Delegate and alternate positions shall be elected by a process that recognizes three gender categories: female, male, and non-binary. 

Elections shall ensure that no Gender category shall have greater representation than 50 percent minus one or, in the case of an odd number of delegates, 50 percent. The gender category that is least represented in the Washington County population shall reduce the delegate positions of the other two categories as evenly as possible. 

Gender balance shall apply separately for delegates and alternates. 

Section 3 – Elections for SCC and CD Delegates and Alternates 

          1. Elections for delegates and alternates to the SCC and each Congressional District are held separately. 2. All candidates are placed on a single ballot, and voters cast a number of votes less than or equal to the number of open positions. Candidates are ordered by total votes. 
          2. The candidate who received the most votes and whose election would not violate section 2 is removed from the vote list and placed on the delegate list at the highest remaining rank order.
          3. Repeat this process until there are no more delegate slots remaining or selecting any remaining candidate would violate section 2. 
          4. #3-4 shall then be repeated for the creation of the list of alternates. 
          5. Any candidate who is elected to be a Delegate who wishes to be an Alternate may declare their intent to only be an alternate and the list of delegates will be created accordingly. 
          6. The Chair of the WCDCC shall be the highest ranked SCC Delegate. 

Section 4 – Vacancies due to Resignation or Removal of Delegates 

In the event of a Delegate resigning or being removed, the Delegation Chair shall: 

          1. Move all delegates ranked lower than the vacancy up in rank order so that the vacancy is at the lowest possible rank order, 
          2. Next, remove the highest ranking alternate that would not violate the gender balance conditions from section 2 from the alternate list and place them at the highest ranked delegate position that is available. If no alternate can be selected, the position shall remain vacant until a candidate whose election would not violate section 2 is elected. 

Section 5 – Elevation of Alternates for SCC or CD Meetings 

At an SCC or CD Meeting, if a Delegate cannot attend that meeting, leaves that meeting early, or a delegate position is vacant, the Delegation Chair shall select an alternate using the highest ranked possible procedure below: 

      1. The highest ranked available Alternate of the same gender category as the vacancy. 
      2. The highest ranked available Alternate whose selection would not violate the gender balance conditions from Section 2. 
      3. The highest ranked available Alternate.