OP-ED: Keep Calm and Count All the BallotsWashCo Dems op-ed article

by Stefan Jones, Washington County Democrats Communications Team Volunteer

This morning (October 28th) I listened to an interesting story on NPR’s “Morning Edition,” “As Elections Suspicions Increase, Experts Warn Conditions Are Ripe For Conflict.

What I found most interesting about it is that while each “side” is suspicious of the other, even the leader of a militia interviewed isn’t talking about causing trouble . . . he’s anticipating it from “them.” Meaning . . . us?

I strongly suspect that, outside of a few insane nutters, Americans don’t want trouble before, during, or after the election. And furthermore, I suspect the vast majority will be willing to be patient, and wait for results to come in. Uncertainty due to slow counts can swing either way, after all.

Of course, we can’t expect patience or rationality from Donald Trump, who will loudly interpret any negative result as the result of “vote rigging.” But . . . we knew he would be pulling that going years back, right?

We can’t control that brat, but we can control ourselves. We can plan next week of our lives and get through this with our sanity intact.

My suggestions?

  1. VOTE, if you haven’t already. Get that ballot filled out and in an official ballot drop box.
  2. Encourage friends, relations, and neighbors to vote.
  3. Stop doomscrolling and obsessively watching the news.
  4. Stop following the polls. They don’t matter. Official vote tallies do.
  5. Don’t let early election results thrill or dismay you. States will need days, and maybe even weeks, to track down and tally every ballot.

If Trump or his enablers start filing lawsuits, get vocal!

  • Write your members of congress, demanding they speak out.
  • Get out in public with protest signs — for example, “COUNT EVERY BALLOT!” — for peaceful, non-confrontational protests. Simply arranging half a dozen friends and relations on the four corners of a busy intersection is enough. Point your signs at the current flow of cars, smile and wave.
  • In conversations, emphasize the LEGAL, METHODICAL COUNTING OF VOTES is what decides elections . . . not election night quick tallies.

Hang Tight!

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