Washington County Democrats Press Release:WashCo Dems Press Release

Patriot Prayer Video Referencing Washington County Democrats

For Immediate Release

October  5, 2020

Who: Washington County Democrats

What: Patriot Prayer Video Referencing Washington County Democrats


Democrats of Washington County Respond to Patriot Prayer Video Referencing Washington County Democrats

Press Release: October 5th, 2020

Earlier today the far-right organization Patriot Prayer posted a Youtube video claiming that a person associated in some way with our political party had become aggressive during a private event or rally at some point. The group encouraged their supporters to contact our political party about this matter, and so we have received some emails and phone calls, as well as negative comments on our social media channels.

We have no idea if the video is accurate or what happened before or after this brief clip. News reports from previous incidents involving the Patriot Prayer group indicate that they have been involved in many violent incidents and have been accused of harassment and intimidation, so we have no way of knowing what their intentions are in mentioning our political party.

We are concerned for the safety of our volunteers since the Southern Poverty Law Center reported of the Patriot Prayer leader who posted this video: “He has instructed members and supporters to be armed at rallies, saying: ‘Everyone should be carrying around guns at all times, especially people in our situation.’”

The person in this video has never had any leadership position with our political party. Nothing depicted in the video has anything to do with county party activities, property, or programs. The person in the video had volunteered as a blog writer with our communication work group. He recently stepped away from this work, and is no longer actively involved with our political party.

Since we have no other information about this video, and it doesn’t appear to involve the activities of our organization in any way, we will simply take this opportunity to urge everyone in these difficult times to meaningfully reflect on how we can create a more compassionate society through peaceful activism and building a spirit of community.

Community members are welcome to contact us at info@washcodems.org.

Patrick Maguire,
Chair, Washington County Democrats

140 NE 3rd Ave.
Hillsboro, OR 97124