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The Practical Allyship Workshop is a virtual, interactive workshop designed to help people progress on their allyship journey.

Many people want to fight for social justice and support marginalized communities, but they do not feel equipped to make positive impacts or are scared of making harmful mistakes.

For those looking to bravely face these roadblocks, this workshop is designed to help. Throughout the virtual workshop, I will facilitate discussions and activities that will provide you the tools and tips you need to be an effective ally.

The Practical Allyship Workshop will:

  • Provide a foundational understanding of allyship
  • Teach appropriate allyship behaviors and actions
  • Offer practical tips on implementing allyship within your communities and organizations

The workshop will be conducted on October 17th from 3pm-4:30 pm via Zoom.

If interested in the workshop please register below. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

Do not let your fears and indecisiveness prevent you from supporting communities who are mistreated and harmed due to social injustice. A collective effort to fight systematic oppression is the only way to defeat it, so be courageous and learn how you can be a practical ally.

Hope you can attend!




  • October 17th, 3pm to 430pm

For more information, please contact Barry Johnson-Smith at

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