Neighborhood Leader Update

The WashCoDems Campaign Plan for the General Election

By Dan Riker, WashCo Dems Campaign Chairperson filling in a washco dem postcard

The Coronavirus will prevent our Neighborhood Leaders from knocking on doors for the General Election, as it did for the Primary. Instead, they will be mailing postcards to the houses they normally would visit.

We discovered in the Primary that there was a higher turnout of Democrats who received our postcards than there was among those who did not. As a result, we are expanding our postcard mailings for the General Election by 50 percent more than we did in the Primary. Nearly 19,000 postcards will be mailed by our Neighborhood leaders.

The postcards are customized by House District with each district’s slate of endorsed federal, state, county, and local candidates on one side. The printing of our postcards is being donated by Local 555 of the United Food and Commercial Workers. The county party is purchasing the stamps.

The more than 300 Neighborhood Leaders who will be active in the General Election also is an increase of about 50 percent over the number who were active in the Primary.


  • We expect to have the printed postcards by the end of September.
  • We then will distribute the postcards and stamps to the Neighborhood Leaders in the first week of October.
  • Our goal is to have Democratic voters receive the postcards around the same time as the ballots.

Keep up the good work everyone!