WashCo Dems Call to Action: No Federally-Deputized Police for Trump (9/3)

introducing the call to action


The State Troops being deployed to Portland have been deputized as federal agents.

Because of the shooting last weekend, during a period where outside agitators came into the city, and were shooting paintballs at people, macing people, etc; State Police are being re-deployed to Portland.

Unfortunately, they are being federally deputized. The exact ramifications of that are slightly unclear, but it means that they can charge people with violations of federal law, including potentially anti-free speech charges like refusing to obey an officer.

More information

Read more about the governor’s action and ramifications here. Nearby county sheriffs have stated they will not send certain kinds of help, but the governor needs to hear this directly from the constituents too.

Take action!


  • Call or email Gov. Kate Brown to express dissatisfaction
    • 503-378-4582
    • Email the governor with this form


  • This is a current issue, fast action is most appropriate.