Washington County Democrats Central Committee November 2020 Election Endorsementspurple november 2020 election promo

Hot off the presses! Many of you want to know the outcome of the August Central Committee meeting as we voted on the majority of our local candidate endorsements!

Here are the results below. We have also included our yes or no vote endorsements for measures that you will find on the ballot.

Over the next two to three weeks you will start to see more and more information about these candidates including personal interviews! Stay tuned to learn more about the candidates, and don’t forget to be active! It’s our job is Democrats to help the best folks on the ballot get elected

Previously Endorsed in May (no additional vote required):

● Lacey Beaty, Mayor of Beaverton
● Nafisa Fai, Washington County Commission
● Gerritt Rosenthal, Metro Council District 3

New Endorsements:

● Donna Gustafson, Forest Grove City Council
● Elena Uhing (incumbent), Forest Grove City Council
● Anthony Martin (incumbent), Hillsboro City Council
● Gina Roletto, Hillsboro City Council
● Kate Mohr, King City City Council
● Shawna Thompson (incumbent), King City City Council
● Mary Nolan, Metro Council District 5
● Sean Garland (incumbent), Sherwood City Council
● Heidi Lueb (incumbent), Tigard City Council
● Jeanette Shaw, Tigard City Council
● Alex Thurber, Tualatin City Council
● Valarie Pratt (incumbent), Tualatin City Council
● Dean Moberg, Tualatin Soil and Water Conservation District Board

Positions on Oregon Statewide Ballot Measures:

○ State LRCA SJR 18 – Campaign Finance Limits – VOTE YES
○ State LRSS HB 2270 – Tobacco and E-Cigarette Tax Increase for Health Programs – VOTE YES
○ State IP 34 – Psilocybin Program – VOTE YES
○ State IP 44 – Drug Decriminalization and Addiction Treatment – VOTE YES
○ State IP 57 – Independent State and Congressional Redistricting Commission – VOTE NO

Positions on Local Ballot Measures:

○ Metro Council Referral – Transportation Funding & Business Payroll Tax – VOTE YES


Agenda and Endorsements Committee statement from the August Central Committee meeting:

August 2020 Agenda
Report of the Endorsements and Contribution Recommendation Committee