OP-ED: Managing to the Best Among Us?WashCo Dems op-ed article

By Gary Peterson, PCP, Washington County

When a leader’s style is to take action against a group for the behavior of a few, he/she is managing to the worst in the group. It leads to moral decay in the group.  Others in the group will start miss-behaving too since they will not personally be held accountable. Managing to The Best Among Us would be addressing the behaviors of a few with them individually, not the group. Managing to the worst amongst us brings out the worst in all of us. It should not be a surprise to anyone that there is unrest in the country:  there is a pandemic; the economy is tanking; the unemployment rate is one of the highest in history; and we have strong-arm tactics being employed by the administration for local issues to distract us from the larger issues that it has failed drastically at addressing. Don’t let the current administration bring out the worst in you!

In a work environment the employee is dependent on their employer to deal with a poor leader (supervisor or manager). In a political environment the politician works for the people.  They can wait for an election to act by voting, or petition to recall.  Those that want change need to #VOTE.  Not voting because there isn’t a good choice, is stating that change is really not needed. There is often something about a politician I don’t like or agree with.  I still vote for him/her because they were the best choice. Please #VOTE!

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