Dems-Themed Masks Are Available Now!

Picture of Joe Biden cutout wearing themed mask

Support the WashCo Dems by purchasing a mask

As our wonderful volunteer above shows, the Washington County Democrats are selling party and political themed masks at our local office.

The masks come in three varieties shown below:

All Buttoned Up

Picture of a button themed mask

Have you run out of space to put buttons and need additional items of clothing to show your support? Get a Democratic button mask!

Star Spangled Manners

Picture of a starred mask

Want to show your patriotism and respect for the people around you? Stop by and get a star themed mask!

Masker-Aid Party

Picture of a democratic themed mask

Need a visual aid when talking about your love of Democratic values and candidates? Purchase a Masker-aid mask!

Help the Washington County Democrats raise funds and support the causes you hold dear while making the fashion statement of 2020!

We are proud to sell these Dems-Themed Masks to our fellow Washington County residents. Here are some quick facts about the masks:

  • Masks are $10 each or 2 for $15!
  • The full amount of your donation goes to support the Washington County Democratic Party of Oregon!
  • Masks have two layers of fabric for extra protection!
  • Each masks is sealed in a plastic bag to help prevent contamination!
  • Each mask is hand-sewn by Outreach Co-Chair and lifelong seamstresses Sue Cocking and Connie Chen!
  • Masks can be delivered or arranged for pick up at the office!
  • The masks are made of fabric and are not medical grade masks or respirators.

Current mask supplies are limited in number and to the designs shown above. If you have spare fabric or the ability to help sew, feel free to contact the Outreach and Office Teams at and to discuss.

To sign up to purchase a mask, click the button below:

Sign Up to Purchase a Mask Here

The above link is a “purchase order” for your donation. In the link, we’ll collect some information needed for any donation and confirm your order preferences. Once you submit it, a volunteer will contact you during regular Office hours (M-F from 10-2PM). In that email or phone conversation, we’ll confirm how you intended to donate and how you would like to receive your mask.

For your safety, credit card payments can only be taken in person or over the phone.