The August Central Committee Meeting is ONLINE

August 26, 2020

WashCo Dems logo with decor and zoom mic and speaker

We will hold a Central Committee meeting on Zoom on the evening of Wednesday, August 26, 2020! Please join the Zoom call to get credentialed by 6:30 PM at the latest! We will begin business in earnest at 7:00 p.m. Here is the link to join the call on the 26th:

Join Zoom Meeting

Dial by your location:

  • +1 669 900 9128 US (San Jose)
  • Meeting ID: 937 5632 5993

The agenda for our meeting, as well as resolutions for review in the Central Committee Resource Center.


Zoom can be used on a computer and by phone, but it is easier to use by computer. We advise to do your best to attend via a laptop or desktop. You can also join using the link with your cellphone, but the screen will be more condensed.  Those without a computer can also attend by calling the number listed above, and typing in the Meeting ID.

NOTE: Zoom via the phone has more limitations. You will be limited to:

  • Mute/Unmute = *6
  • Raising and lowering your hand = *9

Please reach out to Patrick Maguire, our chair if you have any questions:

It will be a packed meeting where we talk about which candidates can best carry forward our values in local office. Please take a moment to review this helpful guide to having a good Zoom experience.


Agenda, Draft Minutes, Resolution proposals, and Rules proposals can be found in the CC Resource Center

We will hear a brief update on the recent budget special session of the state legislature from Rep. Courtney Neron

Then we’ll get down to business. Let me walk you thorough what we have to consider this month:

Candidate Endorsements –

Many cities will be electing city councilors in November. A committee of five members vets Democratic candidates and recommends one of them in each of these local city elections for endorsement by the Central Committee. This committee is still interviewing candidates this week, so there isn’t any report for you to read yet, but come prepared to hear from the candidates and vote on which ones to endorse.

Ballot Measure Endorsements –

Our ballots in November will feature both statewide and local measures. I expect there will be a motion for your consideration for the county party to take the same position as the state party on the statewide ballot measures. As to local ballot measures, we have a Metro transportation business payroll tax measure and two from Washington County: one on a salary commission for county commissioners and one on allowing the planning commission to meet throughout the year.

Delegate Selection Rules –

If we have the time after the endorsements, we’ll move on to the rules committee’s proposal about a new way to select delegates to the state party at our organization meeting in November. Historically the party had required an equal division of delegates between men and women. In 2018 a new rule was implemented allowing folks who identify as a nonbinary gender to participate, but many members felt it could be refined, so this proposal was developed.

Resolutions –

The resolutions and platform committee has developed a significant number of resolutions for your consideration over the past several months. The committee has agreed that we should likely hold these over until next month since the endorsements will take up the bulk of our time this month, but you can take a peek in case we happen to have time to start in on these.

What to expect for online credentialing for virtual meetings

When you log in to the Zoom meeting, you will be held in a Zoom “waiting room” until a credentialing volunteer admits you to the meeting. Once in the room, if we are able to tell that you are a PCP by name or by visually recognizing you on video, we will consider you credentialed and no further action will be required. If we cannot easily recognize you by face or name and match you with our PCP list, we will interact with you to verify your identity before you are considered credentialed to vote in the meeting. Guests will also be verified in this way but will be labeled with “ZZZ-” in front of their names to help us easily tell which attendees may speak and vote.




Always check your mute status before speaking; the host may have muted you if you forget to.

On a computer:

  • At bottom left corner, MUTED = RED mic with a line through it…click on it to unmute

On a phone:

  • If you dialed in with the phone number: Use *6
  • on a smartphone: click on PARTICIPANTS & look to the bottom toolbar


On a computer:

  • Use the RAISE HAND feature. Click on the PARTICIPANTS tab (bottom middle of the screen); a box will pop up to the right…on the lower tab, click on RAISE HAND & click on it again to lower.

On a phone:

  • If you dialed in with the phone number: Use *9
  • on a smartphone: look to bottom right & click on RAISE HAND

DO NOT VOTE UNLESS YOU ARE A RECENTLY (MAY 2020) ELECTED PCP or appointed at the July CC meeting. If you wish to become an appointed PCP, please follow the guidelines on the