OP-ED: Finding the Roots for Good GovernanceWashCo Dems op-ed article

By Dr. Jerilyn Felton

In reviewing our current political landscape, I decided in February 2020, to change my registration as an “independent” to that of a Democrat, choosing to align with the Democratic Party. In doing so, I have thought long and hard about what I feel has been a consorted effort by the current Republican administration to circumvent the lawful processes of our system of government, making it subservient to the will of one man. This caused me to consider the fact that good governance depends on a value system ordered to the common good.

From the day in November when it was determined that Trump won the Presidency, I knew we were in for trouble because, from the beginning, the “business model” does not provide “good governance” demanded by a focus on the common good.

In a republic, the president is the leader but more importantly, she is the servant of the people, not their C.E.O.

Compromise, dialogue, respect, and the ground rule to “agree to disagree,” are hallmarks of the leader in this role. I knew this was not going to be possible, given the personal history of the man who won.

From what I read and digested from the news coverage in the ensuing months, I had more than adequate proof that there was no underlying value system, that was in any manner ordered to the common good, only ordered to Trump’s self- aggrandizement. In fact, on a trip to Canada in 2017 where I spent some time with a group of French Canadians in an emergency room, both my American friend and I were grilled on the antics of Mr. Trump that, at that time, were tame compared to his current fiascos, especially with regard to his failure to recognize and prevent the spread of COVID-19. Both of us had no defense and sadly, hung our heads in shame because there was no excuse we could offer.

Truly, the “Make America Great Again” slogan was a dismal failure.

Finally, as a woman of faith, I could not support a candidate who blatantly used religion, clergy, and religious locations as photo ops, to demonstrate his “support” of religious freedom, sweeping aside by violent means, legitimate protesters who blocked his way. It was pure theatrics that had one purpose: to shore up his sinking poll numbers given the upcoming election.

In the final analysis, I made the right choice. I am grateful for the opportunity to support a political party that operates from values where good governance depends on a candidate whose value system is ordered to the common good. Let us all continue to move forward to restore belief in servant leadership in government that aims to further the common good of all.

Thank you.

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