The July Central Committee Meeting is ONLINE

July 22, 2020Man with a laptop resting on his desk while typing. Time and date info for event overlaid on top of the image

From our Chair, Patrick Maguire:

We are living in unusual times with the continuing pandemic, so we cannot meet together in person. After multiple months without a meeting of the Central Committee, I am excited to tell you that the hard work of many people behind the scenes has gotten us to the point where we can hold an official Central Committee business meeting electronically.

We are excited that we will be joined by State Representative Rachel Prusak, who will share an update on the work of the legislature in these unusual times.

We will hold a Central Committee meeting on Zoom on the evening of Wednesday, July 22, 2020! Please join the Zoom call to get credentialed by 6:30 PM at the latest! We will begin business in earnest at 7:00 p.m. Here is the link to join the call on the 22nd:

Join Zoom Meeting 

Dial by your location:

  • +1 669 900 9128 US (San Jose)
  • Meeting ID: 937 5632 5993

The agenda for our meeting, as well as resolutions for review in the Central Committee Resource Center.


For members who are unfamiliar with Zoom and would like to practice joining a meeting, raising hands, and other functions, we will hold a Zoom meeting practice session on Monday, July 20, 2020 at 7:00 p.m.

Click here to learn more about the Practice session >

This will be our first time holding an electronic official business meeting of such a large group of hundreds of members. We will work out any issues together, and use the lessons we learn to help inform how we move forward with future electronic meetings.

Zoom can be used on a computer and by phone, but it is easier to use by computer. We advise to do your best to attend via a laptop or desktop. You can also join using the link with your cellphone, but the screen will be more condensed.  Those without a computer can also attend by calling the number listed above, and typing in the Meeting ID.

NOTE: Zoom via the phone has more limitations. You will be limited to:

  • Mute/Unmute = *6
  • Raising and lowering your hand = *9

Please reach out to Patrick Maguire, our chair if you have any questions:


Agenda, Draft Minutes, Resolution proposals, and Rules proposals can be found in the CC Resource Center

The election for Second Vice Chair –

Your county party is governed by five hard-working officers. The second vice chair has a key role in managing the credentials process and assisting the chair with other party administration tasks. The former second vice chair resigned his position a couple months ago. According to our bylaws, vacancies in officer positions must be filled at the next Central Committee meeting. So an election will be held at the July Central Committee meeting for the remainder of the term ending November 2020.

Virtual Meetings Emergency Operations Bylaws Amendment –

You can have a look at the Emergency Operations Bylaws provision that will be proposed for adoption at the beginning of the July Central Committee meeting to normalize and govern our virtual meetings. These past few months have been difficult and hectic for all of us, but since we believe in the importance of the political work we are doing, we have to get through this as best we can to continue making a difference in our communities.

Resolutions –

There are two proposals that were given a first reading at our last meeting in February. Since so much time has elapsed, the resolutions and platform committee has recommended they be brought forward as if they were new resolutions, having an additional first reading this month. There are also four new resolutions from the committee. All six will be explained at this meeting, and then voted on at a second reading next month.




Always check your mute status before speaking; the host may have muted you if you forget to.

On a computer:

  • At bottom left corner, MUTED = RED mic with a line through it…click on it to unmute

On a phone:

  • If you dialed in with the phone number: Use *6
  • on a smartphone: click on PARTICIPANTS & look to the bottom toolbar


On a computer:

  • Use the RAISE HAND feature. Click on the PARTICIPANTS tab (bottom middle of the screen); a box will pop up to the right…on the lower tab, click on RAISE HAND & click on it again to lower.

On a phone:

  • If you dialed in with the phone number: Use *9
  • on a smartphone: look to bottom right & click on RAISE HAND

DO NOT VOTE UNLESS YOU ARE A RECENTLY (MAY 2020) ELECTED PCP. The membership as of the May 2020 Election will be voting on a motion to appoint some new PCP’s that were not elected this May. If you wish to become an appointed PCP, please follow the guidelines on the