Office Guidelines to keep us safe and healthy

With Phase 1 in effect to Washington County:

The Washington County Dems Office re-opened Monday. June 1st

1. One Volunteer working one shift during open hours.
2. We will request any visitor to have face coverings.  Limit visitors to one at a time.
3. Maintain 6 feet between anyone in the office.
4. We will turn on ventilation to ensure we have air exchange during those 4 hours.
5. We will monitor all activity and respond accordingly to keep all volunteers safe.
6. We will continue to clean and sanitize surfaces daily and after any visitor.
7. Signage on our door as to these requests.
8. Our meetings will continue virtually for anyone who is high-risk groups.

Please note: Most of our office contacts are usually via phone so this will be a great help reaching the public.
As for committee meetings; I am not restricting the Office to any committee from using the Office in the evening if they wish to use the space.
Please inform the Office if the office is used so we can respray the office the next morning.

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns.  Safety is our priority.  Phase two will expand our services and openings.

Connie Chen