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Pathway to Victory, Blue Horizon 2020: online fundraiser

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Help Democrats win in local elections by supporting the Blue Horizon Sustaining Fund

Blue Horizon supports the Washington County Democrats Office that houses our Neighborhood Leader Program, our Campaign Field Director and voter outreach efforts. Our traditional ways of fundraising, such as hosting the annual SpringFest fundraiser that we had to cancel, are not possible until the COVID-19 pandemic is under control and a sense of health safety returns to America.

We now need your help more than ever with grassroots contributions to the Blue Horizon Fund.

Protecting ourselves and our families/friends is a difficult challenge and should be your number one priority. We don’t know how long that social distancing will be necessary, but we do know that we are in a transition as a nation. Locally, the Washington County Democrats are looking for a way to continue working on behalf of all Democrats.

The election in May is very important; and it has been a long four years waiting for the 2020 Presidential Election in order to elect a Democrat who will unite the nation, bring integrity back to the Office of the Presidency, and fight for the core Democratic values that keeps us connected. A pathway to victory in 2020 is possible when we work together. Please join the fight to elect a Democrat as President of these United States and help us help Democrats win in our local elections.

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Blue Horizon History

The Blue Horizon fund was founded in 2005 by a small group of devoted Democrats who pooled their resources to open up a year-round permanent office so all candidates and party activists could have space and tools to do effective work. Over the years, our Democratic headquarters have increased our membership, expanded our grassroots organizing, and given our members the tools and space to elect Democrats at all levels of government. More on Blue Horizon here.

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What can you do?

Support the Blue Horizon Sustaining Fund today! You can make the difference between the Washington County Democrats continuing to provide support to Democrat candidates and the unfortunate possibility that we may need to drastically reduce our budget because we can no longer raise funds as we have done in the past.

Can we count on you to give $20, $10, or $5 a month to help the Washington County Democrats can keep on keeping on? It is easy to do! Simply click here to become a Blue Horizon member or to make a one-time donation. We appreciate both types of donations because we know that it comes from the heart and from your desire to help elect Democrats as your budget permits.

Wait, there is more! You can be entered into a drawing to win a basket!

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Anything you give is amazing …and we thank you!

If you can give a little more – by giving $7 monthly, OR doing a one-time donation of $75, we will automatically enter your name in a drawing to win our Stuck at Home Basket!

Please do what you can and become a member of the Blue Horizon Sustaining Fund. There are better days ahead on the horizon, but it is up to every one of us to help make that a reality.

Stay Safe, Stay Strong and Elect Democrats!

– The Blue Horizon Sustaining Fund

Please email if you have any questions.
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