Vote Yes On Metro Ballot Measure 26-2102020 measure with washco dems logo with lime and green background


By Gerritt Rosenthal, Candidate For Metro District 3

Everyone agrees that too many people and families are homeless and that a large number of people are also housing “insecure”. The proposed Metro 1% tax increase (on higher-income individuals and businesses) was requested by all three Counties to provide wrap-around services (i.e. drug and mental health support) for people with special needs, and also to provide more voucher assistance for those on the lower rungs of the economic ladder.

Everyone also agrees that the current COVID crisis and its economic impacts could make these problems worse. Significant portions of the business community agreed that a small but temporary (10 year) tax on economically healthy individuals and businesses would benefit the entire region. Since this is a regional problem, Metro was the best entity to create the needed “pass-through” funds.

There are those that say we can’t walk (fight COVID) and chew gum (fight homelessness) at the same time, but WashCo Dems have faith in Oregonians’ ability to rise to this challenge.

Metro will manage funds as a passthrough and the Counties will get them based on population and will distribute them to appropriate agencies for implementation based on guidance from an oversight committee of stakeholders, established by Metro.

We strongly urge a YES vote on 26-210!