The April Central Committee Meeting is CANCELED

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April 22, 2020

Nothing is more important to us than the safety and well-being of our members. With that in mind, the party’s Executive Board voted to cancel the April Central Committee meeting because of the state of emergency and because many of our members may be at heightened risk during this pandemic.

We are just two months out from critical local elections. Our volunteer campaign leadership will be reaching out to train and prepare neighborhood leaders, and to discuss alternate methods to contact voters as door-to-door canvassing becomes unsafe.

Please look after your neighbors during this time of heightened concern. We will come through this as a community if we rely on one another.

From our Chair, Patrick Maguire:

Dear Central Committee Members,

Together, we are making it through this health and economic crisis. I want to provide you a complete update on the operations of the party during this time, so I hope you’ll read through this message.

Meetings: Nothing is more precious than life. Given the serious nature of the contagious illness we face, we have cancelled the April meeting of the Central Committee. Your 19-member Executive Board is meeting virtually to conduct the essential business of the party during this time. We will take things on a month-by-month basis as we move forward.

SpringFest: Our annual SpringFest luncheon fundraiser was also cancelled. As with many nonprofit and political groups during this crisis, the cancellation of major fundraising events substantially affects our budget. I will be working with our treasurer and budget team in the weeks and months ahead to reduce expenses and plan for the future.

Campaigning: There are critical elections less than two months away. Because we are not yet sure how the virus spreads on surfaces and papers, we are advising against leaving campaign flyers with our neighbors. Instead, we will be working with our neighborhood leader volunteers to provide support for telephone and postcard outreach. One approach is to call our neighbors and then email them a copy of our slate card listing endorsed candidates.

Seeing the essential public policy decisions required during this crisis has convinced me more than ever that who we elect to public office is a matter of great urgency. There are many ways we are unequal in today’s society – there are haves and have nots in this world. But in this one thing we are the same: we all get one vote. Let us be determined to make it count.

Endorsements: The Executive Board voted in a special meeting to endorse a YES vote on the following local ballot measures:

  • Washington County 34-296: Replacement Local Option Levy for Countywide Public Safety Services
  • Washington County 34-297: Renewal of Local Option Levy to Support Countywide Library Services
  • Metro 26-210: Provides Homeless Services Through Higher Earners’ Tax, Business Profits Tax

Live Forums: Since the forum we were planning for SpringFest had to be cancelled, I am urgently working with the candidates in the Democratic primary for Oregon Secretary of State to hold a live-streamed virtual forum so that party members and other interested voters can hear from them on the key issues. I am also reaching out to candidates in other primary elections to schedule legislative and municipal virtual candidate forums. We will send an email with more details once we have things in place.

Audit: I can report that the annual audit of the expenses of the party has been undertaken and the audit committee has advised that the financial affairs of the party are in good order.

Book Club: Many of you have expressed interest in forming a book club for party members to discuss interesting and topical issues. This time when many of us are stuck at home and may have fewer social interactions seems like a great time to consider starting a virtual book club. Sign up here if you are interested in joining!

When I agreed to serve as chair I told you that “I’m in, if you’re in with me.” I believed then and I still believe today that it’s real collaboration and sharing of duties that makes any organization work. That is all the more true in times of challenge. So please join with me in keeping our party moving forward together on behalf of the community we love and serve.

Patrick Maguire, Chair
Washington County Democrats


Agenda, Draft Minutes, Resolution proposals, and Rules proposals can be found in the CC Resource Center