OP-ED: How to Manage a Campaign and Win an ElectionWashCo Dems op-ed article

By Nancy Yeend, Washington County Resident

Combining my many decades of experience as a dispute management strategist and business owner, I incorporated subtle techniques that bolstered sales and, more importantly when integrated into a political campaign, may also increase support for a candidate.

First, anyone running for office needs to listen to the radio station WII-FM or “What’s In It For Me”! Focus the message on what the product (candidate) can do for the consumer (electorate). A message showing how the candidate or their ideas can benefit the voter is a powerful persuasion technique.

Second, never attack a fellow Democrat. For that matter, never mention any rival’s name—no matter the party. Focus exclusively on the issues, describe what is wrong with competing positions, statements or plans and then address how to correctly fix the problem without mentioning the adversary’s name.

Third, focus on younger voters, moderates, independents and others who presently feel disenfranchised. Casting a “wider net” will help any candidate get elected.

Finally, there are a few candidates running for President who to some extent are trying to incorporate these techniques. Listen to the candidates and see if they are listening to WII-FM and focusing on benefits for the voters.

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