OP-ED: Vote Blue No Matter Who

WashCo Dems op-ed article

By Clayton Callahan, Washington County

I’m sure you’ve seen the “Vote Blue No Matter Who” bumper sticker by now. After all, it’s a catchy phrase and sticks in your head. But what does it mean and is it really important?

Right now in November 2019, we are in the run-up to the Democratic primary. With over a dozen want-to-be presidents lining up to defeat Trump, there is a lot of shouting on the left side of the aisle. “Who is most electable?” “Who has the best ideas?” “And Who is most ‘likeable’”? All of these questions are being debated in passionate circles by well-meaning folks who want to see America move to a better place post-Trump. And sure as there are little green apples, one of these contenders is going to be chosen as the Democratic nominee this coming June.

And this is important – whoever it is, we need that nominee to win the presidency!

Of course, I’m tempted at this point to go into a long diatribe about why Trump needs to go… and take his little dog Pence, too. Yet, for brevity’s sake I will simply sum up that Trump represents the lowest point ever reached in American politics, and for our country’s sake, we need to get someone better in the office pronto. So far, the Republicans have done nothing but sit on the sidelines and sing “Stand By Your Man” as this disaster of a presidency unfolds. If anyone is going to fix things it’s going to be a Democrat.

You may recall that in the last presidential election Russian trolls not only supported Trump online, they actively stirred up hate and discontent between the Hillary and Bernie camps. Well, I remember getting Facebook memes from liberal acquaintances purporting conspiracy theories about Hillary. Mind you, this was after Hillary became the nominee and was endorsed by Bernie! Passions were understandably high in 2016, and foreign agents used those passions to split the left as they worked to unite the right. And folks, it worked better than Putin ever hoped.

In 2017, we saw the White House go to Trump who then used the GOP-controlled Senate to put extremists like Gorsuch and Kavanaugh on the bench, thus ensuring a conservative majority for a generation. It was only through herculean effort that Democrats were able to take back the House in 2018, and it will take that effort again to restore the Senate in 2020. And face it, we liberals have a lot of catching up to do.

From the local school boards to the presidency, Republicans have driven the Tea Party bulldozer from one end of America to the other. Children are being taught that science is fake news and preachers are proclaiming that Trump was sent by God. If Democrats don’t win in 2020 this steamroller will continue to flatten American values until our country bears little resemblance to the one we still love. That is why this time we must win in 2020 – and win big.

“Vote blue no matter who” is about the presidency, but it is not just about the presidency. It’s also about every state and local election across this land. If we want to live in a country where civil rights are respected, with clean air and water, and where children play on school grounds not sit in cages, Democrats must fight as one unified team from here to Election Day.

It’s time we shoved our petty squabbles into a box and stand together. Resist the calls for division by online trolls and Russian provocateurs. Go ahead and promote your candidate, but don’t tear down the other ones. And when a nominee is chosen for whatever office from President to Parks and Rec, we must put our backs to the wheel and work hard to see this county turned around before it’s too late.

So vote, and encourage your friends and acquaintances to vote blue and defeat you-know-who!

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