Neuberger 2019: A Very Special Success

By Martita Meier, 1st Vice Chair and Corliss Carleton, Neuberger Procurement Chair

A Letter of special thanks:

Every Neuberger event is meaningful, and a time for us all to come together and rally as the local Democratic Party, but this year was really special. I have been participating with the Washington County Democrats since 2016, and this was my fourth Neuberger event. As we approached preparations, there were some unexpected changes in our volunteer base, and we lost two of our primary players who have been a huge support in our planning and management of fundraising activities.

There was a genuine concern about whether or not we would be able to execute on our annual event this year. This event is the most critical fundraiser paying to run our party operations, so a no-Neuberger outcome would have been a very tough blow for the Washington County Democrats. It would have significantly impacted our capability to reach voters and do our most vital work.
The reason this particular event was so special was because it was a time when our volunteer base stepped up to the plate, and we would like to especially thank Victoria Long for taking the reins and making this Neuberger event a great success. It is not enough simply to say she saved the day. Victoria Long saved 2020.  We hit all of our fundraising targets. The event was seamless, and absolutely lovely.
Also a special thanks to Linus and Corliss Carleton, Karen Packer, Chrissy Erguiza and Veronica Williams. Without this core team, we could not have created this wonderful evening. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you!

Martita Meier, 1st Vice Chair

The Neuberger Evening

Saturday, 11/2: The Tualatin Country Club was ready for us to move in. All the tables were set in place and covered in sophisticated black cloths with jars of small lights set on squares of tapestry in gold and black to give ambiance to the evening’s events. The reception area and auction presentation areas were also ready to go.

Linus and I set up the Serendipity Raffle offerings, including 2008 Obama Democratic Convention memorabilia donated by Karen Packer and the lovely Penzey’s spices donation. My favorite offering was the joyous painting of Michelle Obama on a swing decorating a practical tote bag. The 2008 Denver Convention program is right above it.

At 4 pm the rest of the Committee members arrived to set up their booths for the evening’s activities. First was the Wine Table, a perennial favorite, being set up by Garritt and Vallie. The main reception area was peopled on both sides to facilitate a speedy check-in.

photo montage from neuberger 2019
photo montage for senator jeff merkley from neuberger 2019
photo montage from neuberger 2019

The evening kicked off with a welcome from our Chair, Patrick Maguire, followed by Councilor Bridget Brooks. Representative Courtney Neron thanked our special guest electeds, and State Treasurer Tobias Read graciously presented our Neuberger Award to Congresswoman Suzanne Bonamici — a truly deserving recipient. Congresswoman Bonamici has always been supportive and present within our county party. Thank you Congresswoman!

Our Keynote speaker, Senator Jeff Merkley was up next. The Senator surprised us all by climbing onto a banquet chair and turning the Gala Dinner into a lively town hall by soliciting suggestions from the audience for which twelve talking points he should focus on this coming year.

After the speakers, names were drawn for the Serendipity Raffle and committee members lined up for the drawing.

The live auction was started off by an unexpected contribution to the cause by Senator Merkley, who donated two autographed baseball caps with the slogan:

Dump Trump | Ditch Mitch | Save America

The first cap sold for $1,200.00, and the second for $1,000.00. Thanks Senator Merkley!

The rest of the live auction progressed splendidly, thanks to the wonderfully skilled Brenda McCoy. Our Dinners with Electeds were especially fun items to auction off, as each of our dinner VIPs was very forthcoming and humorous in advertising the skills and talent that our winners would enjoy should they snag the prize! Singing, comedy… you name it! A special thank you to Congresswoman Suzanne Bonamici, Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum and Councilor Beach Pace for your sense of humour and your time. The Gala not only reached its financial goals, it also made quite a few people happy as they contemplated their future dinners and vacations.

The evening closed with the Dessert Dash and the paddle raise – also bringing in many generous donations.

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