Measure 26-20 | Nature for All Metro Parks Bond


2019-Measure 26-203 with logo

A motion was brought to the floor regarding the WCDCC endorsing Measure 26-20 on October 23rd. The motion in support passed unanimously. Please VOTE YES for Bond Measure 26-20

This November, yes THIS November 5th 2019 voters will have the opportunity to renew our region wide Metro bond that ensures birds, fish, friends and neighbors alike have access to clean air, clean water, and beautiful parks from the Sandy River to Beaver Creek.

After a year long process that included community engagement, comprehensive stakeholder input, and participatory budgeting Metro referred one of the most collaborative and equitably driven measures ever put before Oregon voters: Measure 26-203. Read more about this process in our equity memo attached to this email.

Without raising taxes, Measure 26-203 will:

Preserve our region’s water quality—from the Willamette, Clackamas, and Tualatin rivers, to important headwaters, and local streams and wetlands;

  • Protect forests, open spaces, and areas at risk from development that are important for wildlife habitat, recreation, and needed to safeguard our air and water;
  • Ensure all kids—regardless of zip code or income—have great places to play by improving access and facilities at regional parks and in communities across the Metro region to better serve our growing, diverse populations.

Visit the website for additional information

The Metro bond renewal is the only measure that voters in Washington, Multnomah, and Clackamas County will vote on this November. We’re smack dab in the middle of Midterms and a Presidential election that has already taken center stage before 2020 has even begun.

The ask from the campaign that we endorse the measure:

SO much work to do before election day to let voters know that there’s an election this November and that organizations that they know and trust support Nature for All.

Having a strong coalition is critical to any campaign, but especially one in an off year election.

I am hoping to earn Washington County Democrat’s formal endorsement. I have attached a more materials about the bond for you review.

2019-Measure 26-203-Metro Parks Bond Resolution -19-4988

2019-Measure 26-203-Nature for All Equity Memo

2019-Measure 26-203-Notice of Measure Election – Nature for All Ballot Title