WashCo Dems Call to Action: FIGHT BACK! On the Petition to Recall Kate Brown

introducing the call to action


The recall Kate Brown petition deadline is approaching! The DPO is assisting the Kate Brown campaign in observing signature gathering for the Recall Kate Brown petition, and we’re asking for your help in the last days before the deadline.

What are we looking for?

We have a list of businesses in your county that the recall campaigns are citing as petition locations. We are asking if county party volunteers and supporters will visit these sites and observe their signature gathering processes to ensure that they are following the law, rules, and regulations in place for these petitions.

Volunteers are asked to observe, NOT ENFORCE. Volunteers will record what they see, and report back to the DPO.

We ask that volunteers maintain a low drama mindset. You will observe and then leave, no confrontations. We may ask observers who witness violations of the law to file a formal complaint, but at this point we are simply gathering intelligence.


The deadline for the sponsors of the two Recall Kate Brown petitions to put up or shut up, that is, hand in the +250K verified signatures (each!) that are required to trigger a recall election, is Monday October 14th.

According to law, signature gatherers MUST WITNESS EVERY SIGNATURE. If a person signs a petition sitting unattended on a counter top, that’s a violation of the law. The signature gatherer must sign the form on the back of the petition, which stipulates that they witnessed every signature collected. If someone other than that signature gathered who collected the signatures signs the sheet, that is a violation of the law.

Take action!


  • Email or call Ron Morgan, Political Organizing Coordinator
    Democratic Party of Oregon
    Office (503) 239-8628


  • The last day for the Recall Kate Brown Campaign to collect signatures is October 14th.
  • Call Ron today for more details on how you can help up through the 14th.