The Central Committee meeting takes place once a month, and it is a time for local party members to assemble and conduct party business.

voting during a central committee meeting

Meetings are conducted according to Robert’s Rules of Order (11th Ed). Robert’s Rules is a form of parliamentary procedure and is a standard guide for conducting meetings and making decisions as a group. It is a system that is meant to help us fairly conduct business throughout the evening. You may hear people say things like “point of order”, “I second that motion”, etc…

Often, we as a body have to vote on whether we are even going to discuss an issue!  So, these rules give all Precinct Committeepersons (PCPs) a chance to speak and be heard. They are important to know, though it can look very confusing when you are a new visitor!

The main business of the Central Committee meeting is broken down into several parts.

First, we may invite local elected officials or speakers to update us about recent events in local politics.

Second, committee chairs give brief updates on activities that our party volunteers have taken part in. This may include recaps of state-level meetings, reports of fundraising progress, or in our April meeting, how our now former website got hacked!

During this portion of our meeting, we’ll often propose and vote on resolutions that reflect our values and state our stance on important issues. As a party, we use these resolutions to tell our local and state officials where we would like them to focus their attention.

Sometimes, we will also vote on rule proposals. Bylaws and rules govern how the organization is set up and how we conduct our business. Our rules committee keep them up-to-date, and new rules are sometimes proposed to make our business run smoother.

Finally, the Central Committee may consider any new business that is proposed by the officers, the committees, or from the floor. Sometimes this may include the election of state-level delegates, approval of a new annual budget, or discussion about the adoption of a platform.

We hope you will take part in the Democratic process and join us at a Central Committee meeting!