WashCo Dems Op-Ed: Winning PoliticallyWashCo Dems op-ed article

By Gary Peterson, PCP

To win you must understand what is possible and keep the underlying facts as a key factor in defining the strategy to win. We all want different things based on our life experiences and where we currently are in terms of our socioeconomic position. But the first and foremost fact is that not everything we want is possible; understandably not what everyone wants to hear.

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June 2019



Winning the Independent Voter is critical to winning elections. Extreme positions either right or left do not win over Independent Voters. Party-focused campaigns leave out the largest voting bloc; asking registered Democrats or Republicans to vote their party-line isn’t required, over 75% already do. Getting out the vote focused only on party voters misses the largest voting bloc. Far right or left ideas can be great visions but should be just a vision, change happens in increments.

The question is: How does the Washington County Democrats change what they are do today to be more effective?

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