4th of July 2019, with Senator Ron Wyden and the Washington County Democrats!group photo with washington county democrats and senator ron wyden

By Martita Meier, First Vice-Chair of the Washington County Democrats

This year was my first year marching in the parade with the Washington County Democrats! As your first vice-chair, I thought it was a great opportunity to spend some fun time with my fellow Democrats, and celebrate our independence day.

I can honestly say I had so more fun marching in the parade than I had expected! I wasn’t really sure what to expect about being in a parade, but it was so much fun to interact with everyone as we hastily walked by, and to throw candy to all of the kids that were there. It was quite a joy to see their happy faces as they landed some treats! I must admit I took advantage of my old Color Guard skills as well and spun our American flag in a few twirly spins.

It was such a great moment in time to connect with our fellow residents of Washington County. Seeing everybody out there together to spend the day and see the parade floats. It was all very inspiring.

We were really excited to have Senator Ron Wyden march with us!

It was so wonderful that he was able to be there in Hillsboro, and march with the Washington County Democrats. Thank you, Senator, it was so much fun to have you there!

hillsboro 4th of july parade pictures featuring senator ron wyden

We had an amazing turnout at both the parade and the picnic. At the parade, we had 40 fellow Democrats marching with us including our State Senator Chuck Riley!

After the parade, we gathered for our first annual Fourth of July picnic.

We wanted to take the opportunity to have an intimate event where all were welcome and we could share in some potluck goodies.

We were thrilled to have so many new guests join us! This upcoming year and a half is so critical toward our end goals to fight for universal health care, the environment, free college education, and true positive immigration reform with a forefront on human rights.

These opportunities like the picnic are meant to encourage newcomers to get to know us, and we were excited and honored to have you there. We hope that we can continue to grow our volunteer base, and do everything we can to make our government the government we are fighting for it to be!

I want to give a special thank you to our volunteers who have stepped up and really grown our Outreach committee! Thank you to Nicole Lefor, Derrick Ragan, Sue Cocking, Art Donnelly, Jordan Hilton, and our Second Vice-Chair, Jeremy Likens for all of the hard work they put into making the parade and picnic such a great success. The Democratic party is supported by the efforts of amazing people like you, and we all thank you for it. July 4th 2019 was the best example of who we are!