Ashley Hartmeier-Prigg headshot May 2019May 2019:  An In-depth Look at Ashley Hartmeier-Prigg

By Clayton Callahan, Washington County Democrats Communication Committee Member

Ashley Hartmeier-Prigg is running for Position 3 on the THPRD Board of Directors.

Ashley Hartmeier-Prigg is a talented young businesswoman who’s taken on the challenge of running for a position on the Tualatin Hills Park and Recreation Board of Directors. She’s been a local gal all her life and is heavily invested in seeing this community thrive. I recently had the chance to talk with her about her campaign and what she intends to do for the people of this area.

CALLAHAN: You have an active career and a lot of volunteer commitments already on your plate. What made you decide to run for public office?

HARTMEIER-PRIGG: I’ve lived here all my life and love the area. So now I want to give something back, to make a difference. To me, parks are the place where the community is built. People come together in public spaces and get to know their neighbors. Also, I was disappointed when I learned that there is an appointment process that circumvents the election and puts members on the THPRD board. The people should always have a say in how their parks are run.

CALLAHAN: You sought and received endorsement by the Washington County Democrats, why?

HARTMEIER-PRIGG: Shared values. I’ve been involved in Democratic politics as a Precinct Committee Person and Neighborhood Leader because I value their grassroots approach in engaging citizens to better the community.

CALLAHAN: On your website you mention that you believe in “access for all.” What do you mean by that?

HARTMEIER-PRIGG: I want everyone in our community to feel welcome and wanted in our public parks and programming and to find something that excites them. Therefore, the THPRD Board needs to listen to the people we are serving and work to serve them better. Whether it’s space for folks to practice Tai Chi, play soccer, or run with their dog, the parks need to find a way to accommodate everyone.

CALLAHAN: You’ve done a bunch of volunteer work in your time. How does that prepare you for this position?

HARTMEIER-PRIGG: I’ve done a lot of work on behalf of animals. I’m a dog owner myself and can’t stand to see them mistreated. That’s why I’ve been involved in Fences for Fido, a program that seeks to untether dogs and provide fenced in-yards they can roam in. Also, I have worked as the secretary and foster mom for Underdog Railroad Rescue which fosters dogs who have been mistreated or abandoned and helps find them forever homes.

CALLAHAN: Sounds great, but besides your volunteer work, what experience do you bring to this elected position?

HARTMEIER-PRIGG: As a business operations manager for Nike, and I have a lot of experience as a collaborator and decision maker. By that, I mean that I’m used to bringing people together, listening to them, and taking responsibility for the decisions that are made. In my daily work, I am often setting priorities and solving a wide variety of problems. I intend to use those skills in public office and expand upon them as I grow.

CALLAHAN: I’m glad to hear that. But government is sure to provide you with new challenges. If you were only able to do one thing as part of the THPRD Board, what would it be?

HARTMEIER-PRIGG: I’d open a dog park east of 170th. As of now, there are no places for pet owners to take their dogs in that area and I’d like to see that deficiency corrected. Actually, we need more parks and and open spaces for our renter community in general. The people who live in dense-packed housing have every right to the parks as anybody else, but as of now, they do not have as many local to them. I would work to correct that.

CALLAHAN: Good point. Before we finish, is there anything else you’d like to say?

HARTMEIER-PRIGG: The most important thing I want voters to know is that I’m not doing this to represent myself, but the whole diverse community that THPRD serves. I’ve already knocked 800 doors and will knock hundreds more before election day. My goal is to bring the voice of the residents of the district to my decision making.I intend to be a good listener and put my trust in the people we serve.

CALLAHAN: Thank you very much and I wish you the best of luck on election day, May 21st, 2019.

If you are interested in connecting with Ashley’s campaign, visit her website.