Didn’t make the CC meeting on April 24th?  Here’s a recap:

This is an informal recap of the meeting by an individual member. The official record is contained in the minutes taken by the Secretary, which can be found here.

  • The meeting began early with a presentation on campaign finance reform by two guest speakers, Moses Ross of Honest Elections Oregon and former Independent Party gubernatorial candidate Patrick Starnes. Mr. Ross described the work of Honest Elections Oregon (a coalition of progressive, democratic, and independent groups) as constructing a “four legged stool” of reforms, each necessary for long-lasting and effective campaign finance reform: Contribution caps, limits on who can contribute, transparency, and public funding. Both Moses and Patrick invited interested party members to support their efforts, which include both legislative action and a call to amend the state constitution. Mr. Starnes noted that “Campaign finance reform is a prelude to environmental and health care reform.” He echoed many of Moses’ points, and provided some context: Oregon is one of only five states which allow unlimited contributions, resulting in massive and increasing political spending.
  • Party business began at 7 pm. The Volunteer of the Month award was presented to Will Hobbs, our indispensible AV expert.
  • This month’s presentation by an Elected was provided by THRPD board member Felicita Monteblanco. She described the work of the board and the challenge of balancing budgets and community needs.
  • Jeremy Likens, who recently became a credentialed parliamentarian, made a call for volunteers for the party’s committees, especially Finance, IT, and Communications. He noted that the Outreach committee was in need of a new chair person.
  • Veronica Williams presented the treasurer’s report. This was followed by Gabe Mendez’s presentation on the proposed 2019 budget, which was approved.
  • Shabba Woodley introduced two new prospective endorsed candidates: Robert Satterwhite, who is running for TVFR Position #4, and Andy Smith, who is running for West Slope Water District, Position #1. Both candidates’ endorsements were approved by the PCPs.
  • Two proposed rules up a vote:
    • SR 2019-006 described a new process for intake and publication of Calls to Action. This measure passed.
    • SR 2019-011, would put the Communications Committee as a gateway for outgoing party emails. The latter rule was sent back to the committee for further work.
  • Kyle Martin presented the three resolutions up for debate and vote this month. There was a vigorous and extended debate.
    • RPC-2019-007 “In Support of SJR 22 and Lowering the Voting Age to 16” was not approved.
    • RPC-2019-001 “Regarding Gender Equity in CD1CC and SCC,” was not adopted.
    • RPC-2019-002, ”Banks Charging Fees to Cash Checks” passed.
    • Kyle invited all to the second Policy Potluck, hosted in his Hillsboro home. (For more information on the May 3rd event, see https://washcodems.org/2019/03/27/policy-potluck/).
  • Nominations were made for a special committee to explore issues of gender equity in regards to nominations for delegates to the SCC and CD1CC. The lack of a structure for representation of non-binary persons was noted. The chair nominated, and PCPs approved, the following initial committee members:
    • Chrissy Erguiza
    • Garrett Fleenor
    • Barbara Glazer
    • Shabba Woodley.
    • The officers sought to nominate individuals who self-identify as non-binary to serve on the committee for insight. Future additions to the committee will be considered.
  • Due to the lengthy discussions, the rest of the planned agenda was skipped to be ensure new PCPs could be inducted.
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