WashCo Dems Call to Action: Nobody is Above the Law – April 4th


Democracy requires the rule of law, especially in the highest office, it is up to us to make Congress push for the full Mueller report to be released now.  It’s time for an all-American demonstration!


The Barr summary was given in 48 hours without consultation with Mueller by someone hired because they believe the President is above justice.  There are 19 federal jurisdictions still probing various types of collusion.  There is a separate counter-intelligence investigation not covered by the Mueller report.  The actual investigation into crimes is just beginning. The Mueller report just contains information about obstruction of justice (which we know happens every day in broad daylight).  That we would trust Barr or (somehow) the President is unthinkable.

Congress deserves the full unredacted report so impeachment can begin.

Several organizations like MoveOn.org,  Indivisible, and Common Cause are organizing a National Protest Event at 5pm local on April 4th.

Come out and show your patriotism!



Bring a flag and/or a sign.

Beaverton – 5pm April 4th

    1. Beaverton Library, 12375 SW 5th St, Beaverton, OR
    2. Intersection of NW Cornell Blvd and Murray Blvd Portland, OR 97229 (organized by Indivisible Cedar Mill)

Portland – 5pm April 4th

    • North end of Waterfront Park – SW Naito Parkway and SW Ankeny St Portland, OR 97204 (est 6000 attendees signed up so far)