WashCo Dems Call to Action: Ban Fracking in Oregon


This Thursday, March 14th, the Oregon House of Representatives will vote on whether or not to ban fracking in Oregon. This is your time to act—call your Representatives and ask them to vote yes on HB 2623!

If HB 2623 passes, we’ll be one step closer to protecting Oregon from the groundwater pollution, methane emissions, and the many other health hazards associated with fracking. Ask your Representative to vote yes on the fracking ban. Keep our natural gas in the ground and ban fracking in Oregon.


Fracking—the process of getting natural gas out of the ground—pollutes groundwater with toxic chemicals, and releases a high amount of greenhouse gases into the air, contributing to climate change. Fracking is so disruptive that it’s been known to cause earthquakes in places that usually don’t have them, like Oklahoma. Those who live near fracking areas are more likely to have asthma, certain types of cancer, and cardiac or neurological issues.  Read more about the bill here.

Take action!



The vote is this Thursday, March 13th!

Not sure what to say?

Let your Representative and Senator know that there’s no good reason to allow fracking to pollute our waters, poison our communities, and contribute to climate change. I urge you to please vote yes on HB 2623.