WashCo Dems Call to Action: Paid Family and Medical Leave


We have an opportunity to ensure that no Oregonian has to choose between caring for a loved on and a paycheck with the Paid Family and Medical Leave bill (HB3031).

Join the FamilyForward Beaverton Action Team to help take action and let our legislators know we want Paid Family and Medical Leave now.


As they age and require more support, many older Oregonians are going without the high-quality care they need, are enduring personal challenges alone, or are being placed into costly, institutionalized care — all of which add to the financial and emotional strain that caregiving relatives may already be experiencing. Paid family and medical leave will allow more Oregonians to support aging loved ones and be there during a significant life event, like the end of a parents’ life.

In most families, it’s women who do most of the unpaid caregiving, whether it’s for children, other adults, or both. Paid family and medical leave will make it easier for women to stay in the workforce and continue bringing home the paychecks their families rely on. This will improve women’s ability to stay financially afloat, and ultimately, help narrow the gap between what men and women are paid.

We can’t afford to keep women out of the workforce. Oregon can do better. Support HB3031 for Oregon Families.

Here is supporting documentation:

Take action!


  • Learn more about this topic with the documentation above, visit the links and sign up to get involved with your community members to fight for this bill
  • Call your own state Representative and state Senator
  • Speak out on social media
  • Write a Letter to the Editor


  • From now until the end of April 2019

Not sure what to say?

Let your Representative and Senator know that when employees take care of their family in a time of need their career and finances they devoted their life to should not be on the chopping block.  Experienced employees can often return which avoids costly retraining.