Values in Action Newsletter | February 2019

A message from Patrick Maguire, Chair

In this month of February your county party is hard at work setting us up for success in the May 2019 local elections. Our endorsements team is working to provide recommendations to the membership for strong Democratic candidates for school boards and other special local boards. Our campaign team is working to recruit and train neighborhood leaders so they are ready to talk with their neighbors about those candidates we endorse.

Additionally, I’ve been traveling to meet with our state legislators in Salem to talk about our county party’s legislative priorities and see how we can assist in pushing these key policies forward in this legislative session. I’m convinced that the people of Oregon are ready to respond to a compassionate vision for our state and support leaders who will fight for that vision.

Please join me in writing or calling your elected officials so they know what matters the most to you!

Looking forward to seeing you soon, Patrick

Introducing Call To Action Requests!

WashCo Dems Call to Action woman with bullhorn

With all the things we get fired up about on any given day, it can be overwhelming to decide how to take action. Once you know what specific action item you’re fired up about–who do you call? What do you say? Is there a deadline? Is there a protest? Can I send an email? Sign a petition? Make a call? Show up?

We know it can be overwhelming–which is why we’re excited to have a “Call to Action Request.”

If you are spearheading an effort and want to rally support, we can help. Fill out the form in its entirety. We’ll review it and start promoting your issue!

Click here to fill out the form and here is where you can see past calls in action.

Legislative Lobby Days: Strength in Numbers

A great way to amplify your voice and find allies that support the causes you care about is to take part in a legislative lobby day. Legislative lobby days are sponsored by organizations and interest groups. They schedule a particular day and invite their members and others who care about their cause to visit the capitol, meet with legislators, and get to know one another. Read more

News and Updates

CD1 Delegation Update

  • The CD1 Delegation is looking for 2 female or non-binary alternates for the CD1 delegation. If you want to get involved with fellow Democrats focusing on issues at the regional and national level, reach out to for more information!

Resolutions and Platform Committee: Solicitation for Comments

  • There are two resolutions up for first reading at the February Central Committee Meeting. The committee is actively seeking solicitation for comment. You can read the resolutions located at the Central Committee Resources Center.  Please direct any feedback to .

Public Affairs Forum Video

  • Chair, Patrick Maguire spoke recently at the Washington County Public Affairs Forum. You can check out the video on their Facebook page: Public Affairs Forum in Facebook

Caucus and Committee Meetings

All meetings at WashCo Dems office at 140 NE 3rd Ave in Hillsboro, unless otherwise specified

Here are a few of our upcoming meetings. View the full calendar here. Chairs of each committee and caucus can be reached here.

Sun. 2/17 at 3 PM| Women’s Caucus
Thurs. 2/21 at 7 PM | Progressive Caucus Meeting, location: TBD
Wed. 2/21 at 7 PM | Latinx Outreach Committee Meeting
Mon. 2/25 at 7 PM | Young Dems Meeting
Thurs. 3/7 at 7PM | IT Committee
Mon. 3/11 at 7 PM | Community Outreach Committee Meeting
Tues. 3/12 at 7 PM | Black American Caucus/ Hard Conversation Meeting
Sun 3/17 at 3PM| Women’s Caucus

You can help grow the grassroots of the Democratic Party by becoming a Neighborhood Leader

The focus of the Neighborhood Leader Program (the NLP) is to impact Democratic and Progressive leaning voters by staying engaged with our neighbors on the Precinct level. You will educate and motivate fellow Democratic voters about Democratic candidates and issues.

Read More

Central Committee Meeting, Feb 27, 2019


Portland Community College Willow Creek Center,

241 SW Edgeway Dr, Hillsboro, OR 97006,

6:30 PM Social Time
7:00 PM – 9:00 PM Party Business

  • Meet Democratic Officials and Candidates!
  • Become a Precinct Committee Person! Vote on Resolutions!
  • Hear Committee Reports! Sign up to Volunteer! Join a Committee!

Agenda, Draft Minutes, Resolution proposals, and Rules proposals can be found here

Want to get involved but don’t know where to start?

Come to the WashCo Dems 101 Training Class!

The Training Committee holds introductory classes on the first Saturday morning of even numbered months for anyone looking to learn more about how to get involved with the party, including reviewing the role of party leaders, Precinct Committee Persons, and Neighborhood Leaders.

Sign up for training: Next training, April 13th, 830 AM Registration.

Save the Date for Springfest 2019!

Saturday, April 6th, 11 AM at Marjorie Stewart Senior Community Center In Sherwood!

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