Didn’t make the CC meeting on January 23rd?  Here’s a recap:

This is an informal recap of the meeting by an individual member. The official record is contained in the minutes taken by the Secretary, which can be found here.

  • Patrick Maguire presided over the first Central Committee meeting as the new Chair of the Democratic Party of Washington County.  He immediately displayed a talent for thinking on his feet, as a logistical snafu caused PCP credentials to arrive long after the start of the meeting  (PCP credentials are pre-printed name tags that identify PCPs who are allowed to vote on resolutions, rule changes, etc).   The agenda was quickly reordered so no voting would be required until PCP’s could sign in.  A water cooler breakdown meant it was going to be a tough night. Patrick remained unfazed during the entire ordeal.
  • Local political figures in the house:
    • Eight meeting attendees were running for office: See Eun Kim, candidate for Hillsboro School Board; Serrin Bussell candidate for HD 33; Andy Schultz, candidate for HD 33; Meyer Stephenson, candidate for HD 33; Ben Bowman, candidate for Tigard-Tualatin School District; Tya Ping, candidate for THPRD (Tualatin Hills Park and Recreation District); Heidi Edwards, candidate for THPRD; Yadira Martinez, Hillsboro School Board;
    • Eight attendees were in office currently:  Bridget Brooks, Tualatin City Councilor; Felicita Monteblanco, THPRD; Ali Kavianian, THPRD Board Chair; Representative Janeen Sollman of HD 30; Lisa Allen, Hillsboro School District Board Chair; Beach Pace, Hillsboro City Councilor; Martin Granum, Hillsboro School District; Yadira Martinez, Hillsboro School Board.
  • Patrick called for a moment of silence for the passing of long-time Washington County Democrats volunteer Jack Timmons.  He passed away on Dec 22nd, at the age of 87.  Jack wanted a scrapbook made by WCD to honor his memory.  We will present this at a future Central Committee meeting.
  • Reports from the committee chairs:
    • Treasurer:  Things are looking good, but…
      • You should donate on a recurring basis to the Blue Horizon Fund if you don’t yet; it covers rent, insurance and utilities at the office.
      • The audit committee is meeting in February and the report will be ready for the February CC meeting. Good audits make for good organizations.
    • Communications – Elizabeth Case is the new chair!
      • We do lots, but we are looking for people who like to blog, write, grade papers, or make pretty things
        • graphic design, photographers, content management, editing – email Elizabeth if interested
    • Finance – Amelia Manlove is the new chair!
      • Finance gets the money, Treasurer handles the money, Budget allocates the money – all to get Dems elected – what a good system!
      • MARK YOUR CALENDARS –  SpringFest fundraiser is on April 6th
      • Donations are needed for the auction (or if you want to buy things to donate) – email Amelia
      • They also need planners for SpringFest- there’s a planning meeting 1/29 @ 7pm

(Once credentials arrived, the voting could begin!)

  • First up, approving the agenda from the CC Re-organization meeting, there was a proposed amendment that passed which added a missing detail of the event, and another one failed over the wording about when the elections were approved that day.
  • With that done – back to the reports from the committee chairs:
    • Resolutions and Platform – Kyle Martin is the new chair!
      • Good ideas for improvements in resolutions: a minority report to be presented with each resolution so the work of the entire committee is presented, not just the resolution;  working to follow up on bringing our resolutions to the attention of legislators
      • Kyle reported on the debrief with Washington County Sheriff Pat Garrett regarding Amazon facial recognition systems. The committee subsequently formed a sub-committee to further research the subject.  Kyle expressed a desire to focus more on local issues.
      • A Policy Potluck – free food, say no more
      • More city, county, state issues, less national-level focus – keep it real!
      • New members welcome! – email Kyle 
    • Rules – chair Dan Jensen
      • One proposed rules change – it passed!
    • Information Technology Committee – chair Natalia Zhang
      • Natalia reported their priorities are to ensure ease of access, to make the website bilingual, and enhanced digital security.
      • A 2019 goal is to extend help to campaigns with their online security, too.


One resolution was voted on by the PCPs this month:

RPC 2018-021:  This resolution addresses the ineffective handling of sexual harassment complaints in the Oregon Legislature.  It was passed with amendments to the original resolution.

The approved resolution supports reporting harassment and abuse, protection of the reporter’s privacy while doing so, and thorough investigations of all reports.  It condemns any efforts to silence people reporting sexual harassment, bullying or intimidating, or inhibiting or obscuring their understanding of available legal remedies.  It also supports the findings and recommendation of the Oregon Law Commission report by the Oregon State Capitol Workplace Harassment Work Group. It supports the timely implementation of the commission’s recommendations.  

PCPs voted to remove two items from the resolution before approval:

  1. A call upon all Washington County Representatives and Senators to support removal of Speaker Kotek and President Courtney from their current position of leadership
  2. Call for an outside audit of current processes used in the state legislature regarding sexual harassment and abuse.

The votes for State Central Committee Chair and 1st  Congressional District Democratic Committee were moved out to an adjacent hallway so all business could be completed before we had to vacate the meeting room.  

Election of  State Central Committee (SCC) and 1st Congressional District Democratic Committee (CD1) chairs

  • Farrah Chaichi was elected as the SCC Delegation Chair
  • Garrett Fleenor was elected as the Congressional Delegation 1 Chair

Calls for Volunteers:

  • Finance Committee:  Amelia Manlove  is looking for folks to help with fundraisers and to help with procurements. Planning meeting for Springfest fundraiser will be held on January 29th at 7:00 PM at the WashCo Dems Office.
  • Campaign Committee Adam Gretzinger reported that there are 12 House District Leader positions that are open to assist the Neighborhood Leader program.  Every neighborhood leader increases Dem turnout around 10-15% in their area, just by knocking on their Dem neighbors’ doors and saying hi.   House District Leaders work as a team to monitor the program in their district to ensure its success.
  • Office CommitteeRobin Portman is looking for volunteers to work weekly 3-hours shifts at the Washington County Dems office in downtown Hillsboro office to answer phones and help visitors.
  • Communications Committee — Elizabeth Case is looking for folks that can help with graphic design, photographers, content management and editing. They meet the 1st Monday of the month at 7:00 PM at the WashCo Dems office.

Officeholder Reports

Lisa Allen, Hillsboro School District Board of Directors happily reported on improving graduation rates over the last few years. Lisa wants to focus on equity training, school safety, upgrading buildings with seismic technology, replacing old school buses by 2025, and creating a sustainability manager position. Also, contraception policies at School-Based Health Centers (SBHC) need to be updated.  Lisa also wants to advocate for adequate state funding.

New PCPs appointed at this meeting:

  • Tabitha Alajmi
  • Farrah Chaichi
  • Art Donnelly
  • Keith Haxton
  • See Eun Kim
  • Yadira Martinez
  • Dorila L. Nava
  • Andrew Schultz
  • Velma Rodriguez
  • Fred M. Russell