It’s Time To Get Loud:  Here Is An Easy Way To Do That

By Adam Gretzinger
House District Leader-27, Washington County Democrats Campaign Chair

We all worked really hard to bring about a Democratic majority, locally and nationally.  Now is the time to use the power of that majority. Sure, you can still call, fax and email your members of Congress.  But as technology has advanced, you can also use some ultra-modern tools that make it easy to contact them with a text message, Facebook message, or through Twitter.

What do I mean?

Introducing Resistbot.  After you register with this service, it finds you in the voter database, and recognizes you after registration. Using simple commands, you can compose and send SMS/text messages, Facebook messages or Tweets to your member of Congress.

Why should you do it this way?

If you have to go to 3 different websites to email each one of your members of Congress, and fill out forms and select categories on each website, it takes time.  Chances are you won’t do this up to ten times a day as Resistbot allows you to do. Not only is Resistbot simpler and faster, you can also message all your members of Congress at once (two Senators and a Representative). 

How does it work?

Resistbot makes it easy to speak out. Here is an example chat with the Resistbot Facebook page.  I just went to the Facebook Resistbot site and opened Messenger to send the Resistbot a Facebook message, and was prompted to type “resist”.  The Resistbot led me through the next steps:

Here I’ve composed a short message to my Representative and two Senators in Congress, and a real email with my message was automatically sent to them.

The next part gets interesting.  Resistbot then offers to publish your letter as a Tweet on the Resistbot Open Letters Twitter page (even without being signed up for Twitter):

Finally, you can view the Tweet at the URL given:

For maximum effect, one could download this image and re-share it on your other social media–or simply retweet if you use Twitter (maybe @ a local newspaper or media outlet).  It’s all optional depending on your comfort level. Open letters pile up and with enough volume will get attention from media outlets. Check out open letters by others published by Resistbot.

Other features of Resistbot:

  • You can register with it to track your voter registration file and it will alert you if any changes occur. (use keyword “check”)
  • Get the cover of your local newspaper (use keyword “frontpage”) to inspire you.
  • Have it alert you about various topics (use keyword “alert”)
  • Find out how much the NRA has spent to elect or oppose your elected officials. (use keyword “nra”)
  • Some state officials are reachable. (use keyword “governor” to fax Oregon’s Governor!)
  • Get an in-depth view of the commands available (use keyword “commands”)
  • Much more – they add features on occasion!

I would highly encourage everyone to link to Resistbot in your text messaging so you can send notes from your cell phone. Make a text (SMS) contact for 50409 in your phone and you will be able to interact with through your phone, Telegram, Facebook messenger, or Twitter. You can write a letter to Congress while you’re watching your favorite outrage-creating cable news show, without leaving the couch! You can also benchmark how loud you are by viewing your “stats” to see how many times you’ve taken action. Who can get to 1,000 contacts first?

As always, when writing a government official–never make threats. The platform works best if you do not repeat your name or contact information inside the body of a message. And Resistbot limits each person to ten total letters per day. Resistbot is a 501(c)4 social welfare organization that accepts donations on ActBlue, PayPal, or directly.  For any other questions, check out their FAQ page.

Contact your representatives with Resistbot. Sign up today!