On January 1,  vice-chair Martita Meier kicked off the 2019-2020 term with an email survey to all PCP’s on our email list asking for feedback.  PCC Willow Creek and the Brookwood Library have different room layouts, access by public transit, and convenience of location to each PCP.  After a year of both sites, which one was most popular?

After several days to collect feedback, the results are in!

While this was not an official vote, it was enough that we are going to be meeting at PCC-Willow Creek for 2019!

Message from Martita

“I want to start by saying thank you to The PCP’s who participated in our survey for our 2019 Central Committee room space. Above you can see the results of the survey. Please rest assured, we know that a survey is not a perfect science, but we wanted to at least start the year off with a sanity check regarding the options we could begin the first half of the year with.

Please always feel free to reach out to me if you have any concerns regarding surveys and/or feedback that we may ask to collect from you! Thank you again, and we look forward to working together with you all in 2019!”