Inspired To Lead:  Patrick Maguire Becomes New Washington County Dems ChairWashington County Democrat Chair Patrick Maguire


By Stefan Jones and Karolina Newcombe
WashCo Dems Communications Committee

Many of us were frustrated by the 2016 election results.  Many of us were also inspired to become activists by the 2016 election, and one of those inspired people was Patrick Maguire.

He started regularly attending Washington County Democratic Party meetings, and in 2017, he was elected party Secretary.

And this last November, he was elected to be Chair of the party.

Patrick was voted into the position at the Washington County Democratic Party’s biennial reorganization meeting.

Patrick succeeds Louise Currin, who held the position for the previous two years.  As Chair, Patrick will oversee the day-to-day operations and management of the party, and will coordinate and preside at monthly Executive Board and Central Committee meetings.

Patrick is a native Oregonian who grew up in Astoria and attended Eastern Oregon University before making his home in Washington County.  One of the things he plans to focus on as Chair is the crucial but often overlooked work of electing progressive school boards, city councils and city commissions.

It is also his hope that Oregon will lead the nation in implementing progressive policy.

Other new officers include Vice Chairs Martita Meier and Jeremy Likens, Treasurer Veronica Williams and Secretary Victoria Long.  You can find a full list of the 2019-2020 Executive Board here.