The 2018 Organizational Meeting Results

Below are the results of the November 17, 2018 organizational meeting of the Washington County Democrats.

Officers 2019-2020

Chair: Patrick Maguire
1st Vice Chair: Martita Meier
2nd Vice Chair: Jeremy Likens
Treasurer: Veronica Williams
Secretary: Victoria Long

State Central Committee Delegates and Alternates 2019-2020

Name and Votes Received

Patrick Maguire – Chair
Carl Fisher – 79
Gulzar Ahmed – 61
Paul Erickson – 57
Will Hobbs – 54
John R. MacDonald – 53
Rachel Gowland – 73
Linda Erickson – 72
Rebecca Cambreleng – 68
Farrah Chaichi – 61
Nancy Lewis – 60

Gerritt Rosenthal – 49
Gabriel Mendez – 48
Keith Haxton – 48
Garrett Fleenor – 26
Kyle Martin – 14
Veronica Williams – 57
Lisa Stiller – 56
Barbara Glazer – 54
Louise Currin – 52
Lucinda Hites-Clabaugh – 46
Bridget Brooks – 38

First Congressional District Committee Delegates and Alternates 2019-2020

Name and Votes Received

Shabba Woodley – 95
Adam Gretzinger – 79
Gerritt Rosenthal – 70
Garrett Fleenor – 69
Alex Clemens – 55
Patrick Konsor – 43
Jennie Bowser – 71
Catherine Condon – 63
Lucinda Hites-Clabaugh – 63
Judith Wightman – 62
Janice Karpernick – 62

Daniel Neil – 42
Stan Jewett – 37
Gene Brown – 14
Charles Gallup Jr – 12
John Glynn – 3
Farrah Chaichi – 55
Carol Bellows – 55
Jolene Guptill – 49
Lisa Stiller – 0 (added by a motion passed after the official vote)
Alternate 5 – vacant – to be elected

A Note on the Elections:

After the votes for SCC and CD1 delegations were cast, many of the PCP’s left for the day before the results were announced. When the votes were tallied and announced, some members raised questions and concerns regarding the new non-binary distinction gender category.

In all past organization meetings, delegates were only elected as male or female. For the first time, the rules for this meeting allowed the election of delegates not identifying as either male or female. However, some PCP’s who remained when the results were announced felt that they were not clear on the process. Concerns were raised that the way the votes are assigned does not ensure equity to the degree intended. In the final moments of the meeting, there was debate on the possibility of suspending the rules to handle the assignment of delegates differently, but this proposal was voted down.

The presiding officer of the organizational meeting, Dr. Rosa Colquitt, has officially declared the delegates elected according to the rules. This action was confirmed via email. Dr. Colquitt reviewed the rules and consulted with the DPO Stonewall Caucus chair to make sure that the rules were executed correctly, and we were assured that those involved did handle the vote and assign the delegates as was intended by the rule as it is written today.

The incoming officers agree that the delegate elections were conducted properly according to the current rules as passed by the Central Committee. We understand some members feel that the elections would have been more inclusive if they had they been conducted under different rules. We have an obligation to proceed under the rules the central committee approved, which means the result is as announced.

Any concerned member is welcome to take any action they see fit at a future CC meeting within our bylaws. We will reach out to counties to learn from each other so the non-binary rules are revised as needed to be truly equitable, and to make sure all language is clearly understood moving forward.



Adopted 9/26/2018

The process for electing SCC delegates, SCC alternate delegates, Congressional District Committee delegates, and Congressional District Committee alternate delegates, shall each be as follows:

A.    Voters may cast a number of votes up to the number of delegate or alternate delegate positions being elected.

B.    The maximum number of votes a voter may cast will be distributed as evenly as possible across the three gender categories: female, male, and non-binary. If one or more gender categories have fewer candidates running than one-third of the available positions, the maximum number of votes which can be cast for the other gender category or categories will be commensurately higher.

C.   Voters will be clearly told the maximum number of votes they may cast in each of the three gender categories.

D.   The ballot will identify candidates with the gender category they have chosen.

E.    After the votes have been tallied, those elected shall be determined as follows:

  1.    Two columns will be created with the total number of positions divided as equally as possible between the two columns.

  2.    In one column, the female candidates receiving the most votes will be placed in order of votes received. In the other column, the same shall be done for male candidates.

  3.    The column with more positions will be chosen first. If both columns have the same number of positions, one of the two columns will be chosen randomly.

  4.    The non-binary candidate who received the most votes who has not yet been assigned to a column will have the number of votes they received compared to the number of votes received by the lowest binary gender candidate in the column chosen. If the non-binary candidate received more votes, their name will replace the binary gender candidate’s name in the column.

  5.    Step (4) shall be repeated while alternating the column chosen until there is no longer a non-binary candidate who satisfies the requirement.

  6.    The final list of candidates in the two columns shall be the list of candidates elected.

F.    Ties shall be broken by a coin flip.

From: Rosa Colquitt
Date: Sun, Nov 18, 2018 at 2:11 PM
Subject: Re: Declaration of Delegation Elections
To: Dan Jensen

Hi Dan,

I have reviewed the two list of delegates as included below:

1) The Washington County Democrats State Central Committee (SCC) Delegates and Alternates for 2018-2020, Elected at the 2018 Reorganization Meeting on November 17, 2018
2) The Washington County Democrats Congressional District 1 (CD1) Delegates and Alternates for 2018-2020, Elected at the 2018 Reorganization Meeting on November 17, 2018.

Based on my careful review of the candidates and their resulting vote tallies, I declare both delegations to be correct and officially elected.  
(Minor spellings are noted within your text.)*

Please contact me if there are any further questions. Congrats on an excellent job on November 17, 2018.

Rosa Colquitt, PhD, Chair, Presiding Officer
Democratic Party of Washington County Oregon Reorganization Meeting, November 17, 2018

*a call-out from the original email chain. all names on this page have been appropriately updated.