2018 was an Amazing Success for Oregon Democrats!

By Dan Neill and Martita Meier
WashCo Dems Communications Committee

A warm congratulations to all of our candidates who will be taking office in 2019! We are so excited to celebrate with you, and continue Oregon toward a progressive agenda.

Here is the low-down on the results:

Democrats for the state legislature had an amazing night. HD-37 (Rachel Prusak) and HD-26 (Courtney Neron) flipped their seats to BLUE and Dems held firm in the existing blue state districts. New candidate Tiffiny Mitchell had a tight race (HD-32) but came through as well!  Congratulations ladies for joining the state legislature! In the state Senate, SD-15, Sen. Chuck Riley fended off a GOP spending bonanza to continue serving in his incumbent role.

Congratulations to all the Washington CountyDemocrat endorsed candidates who won: Kathryn Harrington (WashCo Commission Chair), Lacey Beaty and Marc San Soucie (Beaverton City Council), Beach Pace and Kyle Allen and Olivia Alcaire (Hillsboro City Council), Frank Bubenik (Tualatin Mayor), and Bridget Brooks (Tualatin City Council).

In Salem, we now have supermajorities in both the Senate and the House.

Kate Brown handily took down Knute and retained her Governorship to oversee this supermajority. We still have a Dem attorney general. How often does this happen?

The state measures were all decided as recommended by the Democratic Party recommendations, including upholding our Sanctuary State law. Truly a win for Oregon Democrats across the board.

And of course the boots on the ground:

A very special thank you to all the neighborhood leaders and volunteers who are the face of the Washington County Democrats. You grow the valuable lasting connections that tell voters we are here for them, all of them.