Officer & Delegate Nomination Update

November 5th is the last day to nominate yourself or someone else for an officer or delegate position. Meeting this deadline will ensure your name will appear on the ballot at our Reorganization Meeting on November 17.

You may also choose to be nominated from the floor at the Organizational meeting. That choice means you won’t be able to campaign or participate in the Officers Candidate Forum on November 10. To nominate yourself or someone else, please contact the Nominating Committee at: Submit your name, the position you want to fill, and your chosen gender identity. If you choose to run for one of the Executive Officer positions, the Nominations Committee will want to meet with you for 30 minutes before the Candidate Forum.

Any person registered as a Democrat and a Washington County resident for not less than 180 days is eligible to run for office.  A Washington County resident registered as a Democrat whose 18th birthday falls within 180 days of the election is also eligible to be nominated.

Nominations so far are:

Chair——————– 2 Males
Vice-Chair 1———- 2 Females
Vice-Chair 2———- 1 Male
Secretary————– 0 People
Treasurer————– 2 People
SCC Delegation—– 23 People
CD1 Delegation—– 8 People

Please consider putting forward a nomination or stepping forward yourself. We are actively seeking a candidate to run for Secretary.

The Secretary is a member of the Leadership Team and has the responsibility of input and a vote in all decisions made by our five officers. The duties of the Secretary as outlined in our bylaws are:

The Secretary: Shall keep a book of minutes of all meetings of the Central Committee and Executive Board, showing the time and place of the meeting, the names of those present, and the proceeding and actions taken. A book of approved Central Committee minutes and a book of approved Executive Board minutes will be maintained at the WCDCC office. Copies of the Central Committee minutes will be made available to all Central Committee members by having copies of the previous unapproved minutes available at the meeting and posting them on the Central Committee website. The Secretary shall, in cooperation with the Credentials Committee, maintain accurate and up to date membership records of all PCPs including phone numbers and email addresses, and carry out Central Committee correspondence and all legal notifications at the request of the Chair (ORS 12 18 248.012 and 248.043). The Secretary is an ex-officio member of the Credentials Committee and will have the same Voter File Access as the Credentials Chair.

We are also seeking nominations for delegates to the CD-1 and State Central Committee.

The CD1and SCC Delegations comprise 11 Delegates and 11 Alternates each. We encourage everyone, regardless of sex, race, age, religion, economic status, disability, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, color, creed, parenthood or marital status to consider stepping up.

The CD1 Committee is the appointing authority should a vacancy occur in the office of Congressperson for the First Congressional District of Oregon. Both CD1 and State Central Committee Delegates elect Standing Committee members of the SCC (Budget, Credentials, Platform & Resolutions, Rules, and Local Events & State Fair Committees).  As 2020 is a Presidential election year, the committee will also conduct a district convention between the primary election and the Democratic National Convention to select delegates to the national conventions. The Chair of the CD1 Committee is an SCC delegate and one of seven electoral college electors. The CD1 Committee meets bi-monthly. Each of the five counties in the district rotate hosting meetings. The members of this committee have the opportunity to meet and work with delegates from the northwest corner of Oregon and assist other counties in their endeavors to make Oregon a better and safer place for all.

On Saturday, November 10, the Nominating Committee will host an Officers Candidate Forum. This is your opportunity to meet the candidates for chair, vice-chair, secretary, and treasurer. Please join us and get your questions answered before you cast your ballot. The forum will be held at The Griffith Park Building, 4755 SW Griffith Dr., Beaverton, OR 97005 from 2 – 5pm. Please email the Nominating Committee at: if you are able to bring a snack to share. This event will be recorded and a link will be made available on the Washco Dems website.

The Organizational Meeting on Saturday, November 17 at Meadow Park Middle School, 14100 SW Downing St., Beaverton, OR 97006 is the big day for choosing our leadership and delegation members for the next two years. Credentialing will begin at 8am and the meeting will be called to order at 9am. All elected PCPs are eligible to vote for officers and all PCPs, elected and appointed, are eligible to vote for delegation members.

Everyone running for any position will gain access to the contact information for the Washington County PCPs. Just fill out the form you receive from the Nominating Committee.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the Nominations Committee

We look forward to hearing from you and wish you good luck.

Your Nominating Committee,
Dan Jensen
Susan Bender-Phelps
Garrett Fleenor
Lisa Stiller