Help Jamie McLeod-Skinner Beat Greg Walden Jamie McLeod Skinner for congress OR-2

By Naomi Ballard
Former Chair of the Washington County Democrats

For the last 20 years, Oregon’s Congressional District 2, the 7th largest Congressional District in the United States, has been represented by Greg Walden, a Republican from Hood River. CD 2 encompasses two-thirds of the state—Eastern, Central, and Southern Oregon. Its constituents are 36% Republicans, 27% Democrats, and 33% non-affiliated or minor party members. Despite this political diversity, Walden has consistently garnered about 70% of the votes. As a senior member of the Republican caucus, he has fought against the Affordable Care Act, promoted tax cuts for the wealthy, and opposed net neutrality. In doing so, he has championed the causes of his big money contributors and ignored the people that he represents. For example, 20% of the people in CD 2 take advantage of the Affordable Care Act.

And in 2018, Walden is facing a formidable Democratic candidate–Jamie McLeod-Skinner.

Jamie is tailor-made for CD 2. She was born in Wisconsin, Wayne Morris’s home state. After moving to Oregon, she graduated from Ashland High School. She left the state to pursue a B.S. in Civil Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and a Master’s in City and Regional Planning from Cornell University. Afterward, she worked with the International Rescue Committee in Bosnia and Kosovo to restore water to schools and clinics. Upon her return to the United States, Jamie continued to work as a water expert in California. In her spare time, she served as a councilwoman in Santa Clara for 8 years and as an active member of AFSCME for 10 years. She returned to Oregon to obtain her J.D. in Natural Resource and Water Law at the University of Oregon. Her skills and experience are needed in CD 2.

I believe that Jamie is a transformational leader. Clad in blue jeans and scuffed cowboy boots, she has traveled over 40,000 miles during this campaign season. Accompanied by her dog, she travels in an SUV pulling a tiny trailer, in which she sometimes sleeps. Consequently, she has been able to talk one-on-one to many people. Jamie radiates sensitivity when she recalls these experiences. She can clearly articulate the concerns of rural voters.

Guess what? They share our hopes and fears. Their priorities are health care, education, and economic development.

I believe that she can help the people of CD 2 achieve their goals. In my 50 years in Oregon, Jamie is one of the most promising politicians that I have met.

Jamie has deep roots in CD 2. She, her wife, and four stepchildren live in Terrebonne. Jamie readily acknowledges the “gay thing.” She states that she was not afraid to tell people in Eastern Oregon that she is gay, but she was afraid to tell people in Ashland that she listens to country music.

Check out her website: Jamie McLeod Skinner for Oregon.
If you agree with me and feel inspired by Jamie: Donate. (Greg Walden has a huge campaign chest.)
Join a phone bank. Join a carpool to go canvas in CD 2.

Let’s beat Greg Walden. Let’s turn the last Republican district in Oregon blue!