person walking down a gravel path, promoting neighborhood leaders walkingQuestions from Neighborhood Leaders: Help on timing and number of visits

Some Neighborhood Leaders and PCPs have been asking about when they should go out and talk to their neighbors! Here is an ideal or suggested timeline of when you should go meet your neighbors.


Introduction Visit

Right now! (any time in the next several weeks is ok) This visit is just to introduce yourself and let your neighbors know you are in the community. Tell them that in a couple weeks you will drop off slate cards. Developing rapport with your fellow Democratic neighbors sets the stage to really increase voter activity.

Slate Card Drop Off

The best time to drop off Slate Cards is the week before ballots drop. This year that would be October 10th-16th. Ballots start arriving on October 17th!

Final Targeted Push

This is really up to you, but as your neighbors start voting you’ll notice on your list who has NOT voted yet. A lot of Neighborhood Leaders and PCPs wait until the weekend before ELECTION DAY to make one last visit with those neighbors that have not voted yet.

Again, this is all ‘ideal’. You might not have time go through the list three times, two times, it might just be one time. Some folks wait until the weekend before Election Day to ask for their list.  It might be the only time that works for you, and we want to be sure that your neighbors get someone to remind them to vote.

Social Media Connections

If you would like to connect with other Neighborhood Leaders/PCPs online via Facebook, we have a closed group just for NLs/PCPs to share important info about our program and get quick updates during the election. You can request access:  Washco-Dems NLs/PCPS Group

If you are looking to just get news about other ways to get involved in the community you should check out the Values in Action group. They share news about great events in the community and ways to engage in the community beyond our Neighborhood Leader Program. As well, please check out the WashCo Dems Calendar. We post candidate canvassing events and other ways to help increase voter turnout.

Remember if you want a walk-list please EMAIL US TODAY!

All the best,
Carl Fisher
Washington County Democrats Field Director

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