Vote NO on Measure 104

VOTE NO ON MEASURE 104: Amends Constitution: Expands (beyond taxes) application of requirement that three-fifths legislative majority approve bills raising revenue

What will change if this measure passes?

Oregon already has a requirement that a three-fifths vote of the legislature is necessary to pass bills that raise revenue. This measure adds a new category of bills that would require a three-fifths vote to pass — those that modify, eliminate or change the eligibility for tax exemptions, credits, deductions, or lower rates of taxation.

Who’s behind this idea?

The Oregon Association of Realtors is the primary backer of Measure 104. They worry that the Oregon Legislature could try to reduce the state mortgage interest deduction for homeowners, which could hurt the Northwest’s booming real estate market. The legislature did look at that idea in 2017, with a bill that ultimately failed to pass. A coalition of Oregon business associations have endorsed Measure 104, as well as Priority Oregon. That’s the group that has been running attack ads against Governor Kate Brown, and has worked hard to keep the identities of their contributors and board members a secret. Visit Yes on 104 to learn more.

Who opposes Measure 104?

There doesn’t appear to be an organized opposition to Measure 104 at this time. The Oregon Environmental Council and the Service Employees International Union Local 503 have come out against it.

Follow the money!

The committee supporting 104 has raised just over $113,000, all of it from Oregon sources and the lion’s share from the Oregon Association of Realtors. Defend Oregon is on record as opposing Measure 104 – see the description of their fundraising under Measure 102. Another group called Oregon Right to Health also opposes Measure 104 and has raised just over $1,000 to date.