May 2018 NLp and PCP results

Neighborhood Leader Program Results (NLP)

The turnout in Washington County was 31% for the May Primary. For voters in our Neighborhood Leader Program that were contacted face to face by a Neighborhood Leader, it was 58%. That’s a 27-point difference compared to the typical county voter.

That 27-point difference is because of the work of folks like you. Getting out door to door to chat about anything isn’t easy, let alone politics. Thank you to all the NLs/PCPs that took over a neighborhood to get the word out about our candidates and the local party. We encourage you to continue to use those lists after this election to develop relationships with your Democratic neighbors.

Precinct Committee Person Results (PCP)

Washington County Elections sent Certificates of Election to all filed PCP candidates that were elected in the May 18th Primary. Those of you that ran write-in campaigns should be getting a letter in the mail from Washington County Elections asking if you accept the nomination for PCP. After they have that letter you will also be sent a Certificate of Election.

The Central Committee Meeting is where PCPs will get the chance to introduce themselves to the rest of the party, and vote as a county party delegate. The Central Committee meeting (CC Meeting) occurs the 4th Thursday of the Month. Check out our Calendar for the next meeting.

PCP Results are Certified

The Election Results for PCPs have been certified. Any remaining ballots out there in the challenged ballot pile that were not resolved will not be counted. Sadly, two of our PCP/Neighborhood Leaders ballots were on this list. The reason. They forgot to sign their ballot!

This is a good reminder that you should always check your ballot envelope before you drop it off at the ballot box. The two most common reasons a ballot is challenged is because 1) The voter forgot to sign the ballot and 2) The signature did not match the one on file.

Thank you for your on-going participation, you are an integral part of grassroots driving change, and bring on the BLUE WAVE this November!