2018 Priority Legislative Action Items

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  1. Pass an assault weapons bans.
  2. Make background checks mandatory for all gun sales.
  3. Adopt Net Neutrality.
  4. Implement a single payer healthcare system for the state of Oregon.
  5. Amend the Constitution so that Corporations are no longer given the rights of natural persons.
  6. Increase Oregon taxes on wealthy corporations to provide adequate funds.
  7. Eliminate mandatory minimum sentences.
  8. Abolish the death penalty.
  9. We demand an end to public funds being used to support private charter schools.
  10. Repeal the Oregon Personal Income Kicker.
  11. Prohibit right-to-work and continue fair share laws for union shops.
  12. Adopt and enforce equal pay for equal work.
  13. Empower the state to regulate and negotiate for reasonable prices of medical devices and prescription drugs.
  14. Fund inclusive mental health access programs in all school districts.
  15. We demand that the Oregon Legislature reinvest in our public schools, K-12, to meet the Quality Education Model (QEM) Standards and to support the reduction of student dropout rates.
  16. Modernize and reinstate Glass-Steagall so there is a separation from commercial banks and security investment banks.
  17. Prioritize mass transit in budgets for transportation.
  18. Vacate all convictions for marijuana-related crimes.
  19. Provide funding for and require the implementation of de-escalation, mental health crisis, implicit bias, and multicultural training for all agents and employees of the criminal justice system.
  20. Require civics and governance education as part of curricula beginning in primary school.
  21. Remove the statute of limitations on rape and other sexualized violent crimes.
  22. We demand a progressive tax on greenhouse gas emissions to fund public projects and programs that will bring Oregon to having negative greenhouse gas emissions within 15 years.
  23. Eliminate the income cap on social security taxation.
  24. Significantly increase the state budget for improved mental health assessment and care.
  25. Oregon drivers licenses must be made available to undocumented peoples.